Monday, January 21, 2008

There Will Be Bludgeoning

I finally saw There Will Be Blood and it was definitely good but it didn't hit me the same as the rest of PT Anderson's movies did. Daniel Day-Lewis was incredible and it makes me want to see every movie he's ever been in but he hasn't been really in that much. I mean sure, he's been in over 20 movies(, but for his age I would think he would have been in more. Maybe he does a lot of theater or something.

I got my first LA celebrity sightings tonight. I went to an improv show to benefit below the line workers who are losing money because of the strike, on Hollywood boulevard and at one point before the show I was standing in arm's length of Ron Livingston of Office Space fame:
and Jack McBrayer, 30 Rock's Kenneth the NBC page:
I saw them at iO West. It's a cool place. Bob Odenkirk is going to be there next week and there's a show with Andy Richter every once in a while. I can see myself possibly going there often. It was only $10.

Tomorrow we find out about who gets to direct for our Hollywood Production class and we find out what scripts are getting produced. Either I'll have bad news, good news, or great news. So wish me luck and tune in tomorrow.

If you need me I'll be watching the latest episode of Wainy Days.

Simply "work sucks."

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Andrew said...

Spoiler Alert!

Ps. The writer/director and the producer were at the screening and during the introduction the writer said "I hope everyone has a hot dog to munch on during this movie" and everybody groaned.