Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'll be in Maryland April 6th - 13th so clear your schedules. Pumped for that.

Check out my IMDB page, the link is to the right ->
I just got a few new credits with probably a couple more on the way. One thing to clear up though. I definitely did not write the original Johnson Family Dinner but I have the credit for it right now which I would delete but that page has the correct cast and director info and the Johnson Family Christmas Dinner page has the info for the original. So if you want to correct writer it's on Christmas Dinner, if you want the correct cast it's on regular Dinner.

The other credits are correct though. I should have several more from "Intervention" this season and at least a couple from next season.

Black Christian Movies is still telling me that the other script I wrote for them, Pastor Jones: Preachin' to the Choir is coming out on DVD in May.

Ash and I (mostly Ash, but I have helped too) have been busy preparing for the wedding and such. We got an apartment that Ash will start living in in April and I'll move in later, we went to IKEA today to look at furniture and we bought a refrigerator at Sears. Apartments in California don't come with refrigerators. I wish they did.

I don't have too much more to report. I just had my 23rd birthday and I feel pretty good about that. 22 was an awesome year minus spending all of it away from most of my friends and family.

During 22 I:
- moved to LA
- directed a movie with Steve Holt! from "Arrested Development" in it
- graduated college Magna Cum Laude
- sold two screenplays
- drove across the country twice
- missed home (which isn't necessarily just a physical place but the people too just as much)

For 23 I want to:
- get married
- get a dog
- get a new (better paying) job
- play basketball more often
- be in MD/ Nashville more
- get some new boardshorts and go to the beach a lot
- be a stand up dude

Those aren't too hefty I don't think.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Freshmen Adults

So Ash and I are engaged. We are very, very, very excited about it. We're starting to try and think about beginning to plan our wedding (this July). We're just happy and excited and we thank everyone for the congrats that have been sent our way.

If you check my IMDB profile (link to the right -->) you'll see a new credit... cool. I have 2 credits so far with at least one more on the way.

If you check my IMDB My Movies you'll see what I've been watching this year. Ash and I saw He's Just Not That Into You yesterday and it's set in Baltimore and I'm pretty sure the Jennifer Connelly and Bradley Cooper characters graduated from Towson. For what it was it was OK, but it's a 'chick flick' and it made all women seem like idiots so I don't know why ladies would want to see that.

Anyway, some recent celeb sightings: Giovanni Ribisi at the Farmer's Market, Kerr Smith walking down the street in Sherman Oaks, and the guy from Work Out that I posted a picture of a few posts ago now goes to my gym. I see a couple 'famous' people a week at that gym.

Things are good, I probably forgot some things in this post but I'll update it soon.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Read Ashlea's blog!!!

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