Saturday, May 17, 2014

Spring Cleaning

A lot has been going on lately.

My stint on "Heroes Of Cosplay" ended on a Friday in the middle of March and my latest gig started the next Monday.  I couldn't say what the show was for a while because it hadn't been announced yet BUT History Channel has just announced our show, "Biker Battleground Phoenix" will premiere July 1st.  We've been working long hours, it's a ton of footage, but everything is looking very cool, very intense.

By the way, the episodes of "Heroes Of Cosplay" that I worked on start airing May 27th.  They're going to be good, it was a really fun show to work on.

In that same vein, I've been very appreciative lately.  Let me backtrack for a second and say that when "Intervention" ended I literally went through the stages of grief because I had worked on that show for years.  I didn't know what I was going to do for work and I was very scared during the couple of weeks that I was unemployed until I got my next gig.  And I have worked steadily ever since.  The job world I'm in is almost exclusively based on referrals and I've been able to expand my network by working on these shows this past year.  So, this week in particular, I got several referrals for jobs, none of which I could take because I'm working currently, but it was nice to hear from past coworkers that they wanted to refer me to this or that show that was staffing up.  When this show's post production ends I'm not nervous about finding future employment like I was when "Intervention" ended.

Other exciting things that have been going on:
The producer of When Sushi Met Saki is sending me the movie, I'm super excited to watch it!
I pitched to Funny Or Die this week and will be receiving my first check from them in the near future, hopefully they like what I sent them and it leads to future work.
And I'm working on a script with a fellow screenwriter.  The pages are coming easily, the other screenwriter and I are killing it and it's super fun.

So, if you haven't already, read my "Up All Night" spec script here.
If you're an industry professional go to The Blacklist and read my script Raw Footage.
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