Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yesterday at the Farmer's Market during my internship I saw Romany Malco, from "Weeds" and The 40 Year Old Virgin in a sunglasses store. He was pretty short. I walked by him a bunch of times to make sure it was him.
My supervisor said he saw a couple of the guys from "Human Giant" eating there too but I didn't get to see them.

"After Hours" by We Are Scientists directed by Akiva Schaffer of The Lonely Island/SNL

This video is awesome.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Last night I went to the Fox Searchlight Oscar Viewing Party at a club called The Green Door off Hollywood Blvd. I got invited by my internship so I was on the guest list. It was a pretty luxurious event: velvet rope, open bar (from which I could not partake due to the LAFSC's rules), catered buffet, and a couple flat screens playing the Oscars. Apparently it was for mainly Fox Searchlight employees because when Once and Juno won things the room went crazy. I'm glad Once won best song. Also, did everyone hear Diablo Cody give a shout out to Mr. Mudd? I heard that Diablo Cody's mother was at the event I was at last night but I can't confirm that. I didn't see any celebs or anything but I got a free meal and had some fun. I hope that's not the last event like that I get to go to.

Tonight I have to finish my storyboards for Jasper, the movie I'm directing for the LAFSC.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lars and the Real Big Disappointment

So I was all excited for tonight because we were going to have an Oscar movie marathon at the center on the big screen. The line up was going to be There Will Be Blood, Michael Clayton, Lars and the Real Girl, and No Country for Old Men. People showed up for Blood and a few stayed for Clayton but by the time I was pumped for Lars everyone was leaving. The marathon was supposed to last from 8pm to roughly 5am and I was down. How many times in life do you do something like that right? I even went to Starbucks and bought something for the caffeine and I never go to that store. Then I come back to my place and I'm gonna watch We Own The Night but my roommate already has something on TV so... I might just read because I'm still awake.

I did coverage on a script a few days ago that Trey Parker and Matt Stone are producing. It's going to be funny if they do it right. No spoilers.

I got invited to a pretty cool Oscar party. I'll explain later.


Monday, February 18, 2008

Back in LA

I had a really great time at home. It was good to see all of you. I hope people can visit soon. Here's me and Ash.

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

I'm meeting this actor tonight at my program.
His name is Doug Jones and he was also in Pan's Labyrinth and some other things.

I just found this Member Review of Diary of the Dead on Netflix . This is seriously funny.
Bart The Fart 3 stars
In Land of the Dead zombies began to get more intelligent. They could learn. Now George Romero takes things a step further in this film where the dead have become so intelligent they begin to keep diaries. For the first time ever Diary of the Dead exposes the innermost thoughts of zombies. Who they're crushes are, what they did at school that day and what they REALLY think of their BFFs.

Can you imagine? That's good stuff.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Book Soup

Tuesday night I biked over two and a half miles to a book store on Sunset Blvd. to go to a book signing. When I walked in the store Bret Easton Ellis was introducing another author named Joe McGinnis Jr. After his intro the Joe guy came up and did a reading for his book. It sounded pretty cool so I bought his book and two Ellis books that I already own. I waited while Bret was being interviewed for some TV thing. When he was done he came right to me and signed my books first.
Booyah. Bret Easton Ellis was super nice and funny. It was incredible to literally meet one of my favorite authors. He used my pen and I was gonna let him have it but as I was walking away he called out "Hey, you're pen" which is awesome in and of itself.

I did a rewrite of my group's Hollywood Production Workshop script and the producers were really happy about. I'm now just watching to see what the EPs have to say (aka the teachers).

Harold and Maude is now one of my favorite movies. I know that sounds pretentious probably but it really is good and has a similar tone to what I strive for in some of my stuff.

I have to watch Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer tonight for class. Lame.

I am coming home tomorrow!!!!
I'm very excited. See you there.

Monday, February 11, 2008

If It's Yellow Let It Mellow

On Friday I met (and this time actually spoke to) another celeb. Some people (probably just Andrew) will remember her from that TV show "Action!"
Her name is Illeana Douglas, she's been in a lot of stuff. I remember her in the movie Stir of Echoes too. My supervisor, the real assistant was in the other room when she came in so I did my best high powered Hollywood assistant and asked how she was doing and said that the producer would see her in a moment, etc.

On Saturday I helped one of my roommates shoot part of his movie.
We dragged like 20 feet of dolly park to Pan Pacific park and set it up with a briefcase dolly. His movie is about a white guy who wants to be a Shaolin Monk in Chinatown.

Saturday night I helped another classmate with her movie (I don't know what this helpful streak is all about, it's not me) where I played some guy who gets jumped and beat up by this guy and girl both wearing eyeliner. In real life the girl wouldn't be a factor and the guy was a head shorter than me. I think I could probably take them.
I'm still not really sure what the movie is about.

Sunday I read and did coverage on that book for my internship. It turned out to be pretty good. I would recommend reading it but I wouldn't necessarily say that some producers should shell out $15 million to turn it into a movie. If it was a movie though I would watch it and be snobby about it because I read the book.

My internship is pretty cool. I see a lot of cool movie stuff every time. Today we went to the storage unit and my supervisor showed me this mask:
that Thora Birch wore in Ghost World. There is a lot of cool stuff in there. Stuff that was in real movies.

More later, I have to do some reading for tomorrow. I'm back on eBay by the way.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A lot to say:

I walk into my internship and the sliding doors that separate the assistant's desk from the producer's desk are shut. My supervisor asks "Have you ever seen Mean Girls?" to which I obviously answer yes. He tells me that Amanda Seyfried, aka the girl who can predict the weather that is already happening, is in the producer's office right now. When the meeting is done she came out and I met her, kind of. She smiled in my general direction and I gave her the smile and the nod. I hadn't even met the producers yet so I didn't know if I could blurt out "I just watched Alpha Dog a couple days ago." Anyway, I was excited to "meet" her. It's always stupid to say but she looked shorter in person. It's stupid to say because 1) I'm tall and of course I'm going to be taller than a lot of people and 2) a couple of times when I've seen this person she was on a massive movie screen and in close ups her face could have been dozens of feet tall. But, she looked shorter in person.

The excitement did not stop there. John Malkovich called and had a lengthy conversation with his fellow producers. It was weird to hear him talking about normal things and not about people Being him.

I also saw Toby from "The Office" picketing outside of the CBS building by my apartment today which makes him the second "Office" actor I have encountered.


I have to sign a confidentiality form at some point so I definitely won't talk about different projects or scripts that the company is working on but I think I can tell you that I met that actress and that John Malkovich called his own production company.

My assignment from my internship is to read this book they gave me and do coverage on it. Coverage is basically a logline, synopsis, and evaluation of the material so they know if they want to produce it. The book is almost 300 pages long and the coverage is due by Monday. I'm going to do it though because hopefully he thinks that I can't do it and I'll surprise them.

I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008



My Apartment (second floor, shrouded in palm trees)

My view:

I start at Mr. Mudd tomorrow. I'll be working there Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

I am visiting home February 15th-18th. Get familiar.

Now that my camera situation is figured out expect more pictures.

The King of Kong is a great documentary. I am going to like Netflix because they have so many MST3K episodes.

Justin Timberlake is starting to grow on me. Not so much because of this commercial but I like that he did another collaboration with Andy Samberg and I kind of liked him in Alpha Dog.

I'm selling stuff on eBay again also. I found some pretty cool stuff.


Friday, February 1, 2008

If you have Netflix you should friend me. My Netflix name is Peter SARS Guard and my e-mail is PeterLHarmon at and if you friend me we can share lists and see what each other has rated and reviewed, etc. My only list I have created so far is "Movies I Have Seen in 2008." I watched 43 movies in January, mainly because there isn't too much to do even though I'm in LA. Once I live here outside of the program my social life will probably pick up little bit. Anyway, at this rate it will be very easy to reach 366 movies, I might amend my goal to be 400. How are other people coming so far?

I should hear from Mr. Mudd today. I'll post once I know the deal.

I'm visiting home the weekend of my birthday. If you aren't in town you should come by PG to hang. I'll be there from the 15th to the 18th.

I think tonight I am going to see the Coen Brothers' movie Blood Simple at the Egyptian.
A cool thing about the theaters around here is that they play older movies pretty often. Also there is the El Capitan that plays Disney movies always. Right now they're playing a new Hannah Montana movie. Some kids in my program went to the Fool's Gold premier the other night and although I would never want to see that movie ever, it would be cool to go to a real premier. They said they were sitting right in front of Donald Sutherland.