Friday, May 28, 2010

May: Part II

Last update I described night logging, since then the production switched me to a day logger for most of May. I worked a regular office job 9:30am - 6:30pm. It was weird having to wear long pants and interact with other office employees, glad that's over!!

Just kidding, but last week I was offered a semi-permanent night logging job that I accepted. I'll be logging from 6:30pm - 2:30am five nights a week, usually Sunday - Thursday but I'm able to switch days around if necessary. I'll be on the payroll as opposed to being freelance so taxes will be taken out instead of having to file quarterly or paying a lump sum at the end of the year, I'll also be making more money per week even after taxes than I was in the average week of transcribing. It will leave my days free to (sleep in) write and take meetings.

The new season of Intervention starts June 28th. My name will be in the end credits as a Logger starting with the "Amber" episode, so look out for that.

Writing wise I was able to write another pilot for Orlando Brown while working a forty (plus) hour a week office job. It's probably better than the other one I wrote for him actually. I sent it to him and my manager and I'm awaiting their response.

Summer is turning one year old on June 14th!!! Oh yeah, and Ashlea is turning 24 on the 27th. And we'll be in Maryland June 29th.

I'll keep you posted.

* Edit: I also updated my E-Resume.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


The Beverly Hills Film Festival ended, I didn't win, but it was fun and I gave out a lot of business cards, got some cool pictures, saw some good movies for free, and drank a lot of free iced tea vodka. Ash came to a bunch of parties with me and the gala was amazing and decadent.

When that was over I immediately transcribed some rush minutes and then started night logging at Intervention. Night logging means I go to the Intervention office in Sherman Oaks from 6:30pm to 2:30am and make Excel spreadsheets of the tapes that the producers have just shot, filling in time code, characters names and descriptions, and what action is taking place. That log is used not only for transcribing but also for the story department to find what they need faster. It's a crazy job that should be done by robots but it's not yet so I reaped the benefits.

My writing group met the other night for the first time in several months for everyone's status update. I was happy to tell them about my manager situation and that I have another Black Christian Movie in the works.

Another bit of news that I had was that I had recently met with actor Orlando Brown to talk about a sitcom he wants to pitch to some different networks. Since we share a manager he wanted to meet with me to see if I could write something like what he was envisioning. We met for lunch and hit it off, I really liked his concept and he had a lot of fleshed out characters and a good general storyline already. He liked my input as well and asked me to write a pilot for him. I wrote the pilot during the day then logged at night for a couple days and sent the script to him. He called me back and loved it, he's going to pitch it around. Best case scenario it gets picked up, but at the very least I made a connection to a working actor who likes my stuff and wants me to write for him.

So that was already a crazy busy week, writing the pilot and night logging, over last weekend Ash and I moved from Van Nuys to Encino (if you need our new address email me). It's a smaller place for slightly more rent but it is closer to Ash's school, has a pool and a barbecue area, is in a much safer neighborhood, is right across the street from a huge park with a basketball court, and we know someone who already lives in the complex.

We'll put pictures on facebook soon I'm sure. I'll keep you posted on everything else. Check out my Tumblr.