Thursday, June 17, 2010

People all over the world, join hands, start a SmileTrain

My night job has been going well, I just started getting a regular amount of sleep. If I sleep from 3am to 11am it's 8 hours and a lot of people do that anyway, but I have a job.

My days have been busy. My family was just in town but now that they're gone I have to finish an outline of a script for a meeting on Friday.

I'm meeting with an older guy named Phil Pote who has been a baseball scout for a long time, he has an idea for a baseball related movie and I'm writing it for him. The outline is going really well. Here's an article about Phil. He's been around the business before, he plays himself, as an older scout character, in the Al Brooks movie The Scout. (When I went to re-find this article, the ad on the page was for the SmileTrain, seems like a good sign to me.)

I also got contacted by Nu-Lite to rewrite a script for them, they're giving me a week and a half to make the existing script they bought from someone else better. If nothing else, working for Nu-Lite/ BCM has taught me so much about meeting with producers, pitching, outlining, writing on assignment, and now re-writing, this is going to sound very cliche, but it's literally been like a master's class in screenwriting.

This script is higher profile than the ones they've had me write before, I'll definitely be posting about it in the future (as long as I get it done in time.)

I also talked to them about the script I wrote for them earlier this year. It's in post-production. It has some actors that have been in a few things before and it was shot on a better camera than usual for BCM. I know all of this is super vague but once I have any real details I'll post.

Nothing is worse for me personally than having nothing going on, no irons in any fires. January was a tough month because of that, I didn't even have any coppers on any hot plates. Right now I have to finish up these two projects, work a couple weekend nights, and then I'll be ready to hang loose in Maryland in two weeks.

I'm busy and I'm thankful.