Friday, March 28, 2008

The Office

Tomorrow I am supposed to be directing my major movie of the semester. However, we don't have a location exactly yet. Since we don't have a location I don't know where the Producers have been telling the extras to meet. I don't know if we have extras. I'm on it now though and I think we should be able to shoot at least something this weekend so we have something to show at our dailies screening on Tuesday.

The other night Ashlea and I went out to eat with her family friend who writes for "Criminal Minds." We went to a crazy expensive restaurant and Elizabeth Banks was across the aisle from us.

Then, on Wednesday Ashlea came to check out my internship and we saw Jenna Fischer.

Ashlea leaves this evening from Burbank.

I'll probably put up pictures of the trip but I'm at my internship and I don't have them on me.

My screenplay is going well. My classes are going well, I'm just really nervous about shooting this weekend.

Also, look at fat Jared Leto

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


On Monday I met Fisher Stevens of "Lost", Super Mario Bros., and Awake

and Dave Sheridan of Ghost World and Scary Movie

and today I met Antoine Fuqua, the Director of Training Day, Shooter, etc.

Ashlea visits on Friday for a week.

I shoot my movie the day after Ashlea leaves.

My roommate's fake gun

Basketball rash

Park La Brea


LA Ink?

I've been playing a lot of basketball so I'm feeling good.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ashlea got offered a job with Baltimore County Schools for $42,000 a year this coming school year so she has a definite back up even if no California schools come through. Her contract guarantees her a job but she doesn't have to commit to anything yet so it's the best possible scenario.

I got my California license plates today, finally.

I also met with Justin Wade about the movie I'm directing today. We had some great Indian food. He was really nice and seemed to be into the project even though we are lowly students and I'm not a Jay Chandrasekhar.

So I've been having a pretty good time lately. At my internship I spend most of my time (when I'm not being super-helpful and diligent of course) on craigslist trying to find housing and jobs.

Everything is going really well. My screenplay is really coming along. I'll be really happy when I've shot my HPW and we just have to edit it. Then all the stress will be gone and I can focus on my screenplay and finding a job and a place to live.

I'm just taking a break from writing right now as a matter of fact.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Alright, over 1000 hits.

I held auditions for Jasper yesterday and I found some great actors for the roles. There was some strong competition for the role of Jasper but the guy that we're going to give it to really understood the scene we were reading. I'm pretty optimistic about our actors, I just hope we get a location soon. I talked to Justin Wade on the phone yesterday. He and my producers and I are going to meet at some point this week. So that will be fun.

I've watched 80 movies so far (actually 81 I think if you count that I saw There Will Be Blood twice.)

I keep forgetting to watch Saturday Night Live.

El Rey with the Raveonettes

El Rey at night


Area I looked for a house, but it was too far away

a Sign

Those pictures are really small but you get the idea.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Volt for Pedro

The craziest thing is in motion right now. A few days ago I emailed the agent of the actor Justin Grant Wade who played Steve Holt on "Arrested Development." I basically said I'm directing a film and could pay Justin some money to be in my short to be entered in festivals. I got a call from his manager Friday night saying that Justin read the script and would like to be in it. Justin Wade (aka Steve Holt!) is playing Derek the jock in my Hollywood Production Workshop film. I am beyond excited. I am getting the chance to direct an actor from my favorite TV show of all time.

Here shown with Will Arnett.

I called the number his manager gave me this morning and left a message. It was definitely his answering machine and it was weird to hear him over the phone. Hopefully this will be a film that will get me into some festivals. I'm sure I'll at least get into the Maryland Film Fest.

I'm stoked.