Saturday, August 18, 2012


I've been steady posting on Funny Or Die, check out my latest pieces:

I wrote this for Fanboy Comics.  Here's the link.

This was just for fun because soup is for suckers.  Here's the link.

Find all my FoD postings here.

Rare Merch

Ashlea's summer break is over so she's back to teaching, Christian goes to daycare a couple days a week, so I actually have some free time to write, read, work out, andddd I'm back to selling t-shirts on eBay and I've also opened an Etsy store for the rarer stuff.

Check out my merch!  Here are the links



And here are some promotional images I made, I would appreciate it if you could share these images and the links with your social media circles:

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Monday, August 6, 2012

re: Last Update

So, the Save Steve Holt project went away.

But I'm still writing, me, my wife, son, and dog moved to an awesome Townhouse last week, and I, of course, have some stuff on the horizon.