Thursday, June 13, 2013

Right now you can watch 3 television shows that I've worked on.

The first of the Final Five episodes of A&E's Intervention starts tonight.  I had the privilege of working on over 100 episodes as a transcriber, logger, production assistant, and eventually story assistant.  One of my last tasks on the show was writing a webbie, that was posted on the official website last week (and I have posted in the "Reality" tab on my site).  I am proud to have worked on the show.

When my time at "Intervention" ended I logged for We's Pregnant & Dating.  This was the best job.  I logged from home and basically got paid pretty well to watch great footage.  I'm excited to see the episodes!

Currently I am the story assistant on Oxygen's I'm Having Their Baby and I have assisted the story producers and editors on every episode.  I am also in charge of all of the digital content for the season so I have compiled extra interview bits and preview scenes from the episodes, as well as writing and editing new Bonus Videos for each birth mother.  I have learned so much in the handful of months that I've been on this show.

So watch Intervention, Pregnant & Dating, and I'm Having Their Baby!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Another kind of screenwriting

I wrote a webbie for A&E's Intervention!

And this will be the first video in a new page I'm adding to my site: Reality.  I'm currently in charge of all of the web content for Oxygen's "I'm Having Their Baby" so I've been writing a lot more webbies and putting together interview pieces and things like that.