Thursday, October 18, 2012

Since I last blogged I changed positions at my job on the show Intervention.  I was a Night Logger, I logged the show's raw footage from 7pm to 3am 3 nights a week and worked an 8 hour shift each weekend day as well.  I am now a Production Assistant during the regular work week day shift (I have also been covering for the Story Assistant while he is on vacation).  It's been pretty great, I now have nights and weekends like a regular human!  And my day is broken up a bit more, I have a variety of tasks to take care of instead of exclusively watching and logging 40ish hours a week of footage of people using drugs and their lives spiraling out of control...

I recently shot another sketch with some friends culled from the crews of Beats by Dr. Dre and Valentine's Day? and "The End."  I'll post it once it's posted.

I'm still working on my latest top secret feature writing gig.  The outline was approved and I'm writing pages while the Producer scouts locations, casts actors, and all that good stuff.

And of course you can follow The Best Sketch Comedy On The 'Net, which I run, and Comedy Nerds United, which I contribute to.