Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A bit about my latest screenwriting gig

I haven't yet said much about the screenwriting gig that I've been working on for the past few months, but I finished the script recently and today a Producer sent me the flyer below:

The flyer is for a real event where some scenes of the movie will be filmed.  The text is probably too small to read but under the blue hand with 'Advance Tickets' on the sleeve it reads:
This event will be filmed and take part in a movie entitled (SEARCHING FOR SUSHI AND SAKI) by "MCLIPS" and Japan Video.  MCLIPS is an Independent Hollywood Film Company that makes movies that are not only innovative and meaningful but are meant to "MAKE A DIFFERENCE" in the lives of those that have seen them by inspiring others to do good as well.  Japan Video Support is a Tokyo based video production company that specializes in providing English speaking video production crews for international video productions taking place in Japan.

Then, under that film strip it reads: 
The film "Searching for Sushi and Saki" is about Tom, an American thirty-something who has recently moved to Tokyo from LA for what he thinks is just a temporary gig, struggles with feelings of isolation in a land where he doesn’t speak the language and all of his relationships are online.  He’s self-absorbed and pretends to be a cooler version of himself on the ‘net.

Then he meets Saki, a free-spirited Japanese woman who teaches him about Tokyo and relating to others in a more personal way.  She tries to help him live in the present and communicate with words, not with texts and email.  She gets him to attend a fundraiser concert that she is performing at, which leads him to a whole new outlook on life.

So yeah, I wrote a movie that's going to be shot in Tokyo soon.  I'll keep you posted.