Monday, November 24, 2008


I finally saw some of my background acting expertise displayed. I am on the show "Life" on the episode titled Black Friday which you can watch on the internet for free right now.

I am wearing jeans, a navy blue vest, a light blue polo shirt with a light gray long sleeve t shirt underneath. My hair was a little longer at the time. Here are the timecodes of when you can see me:

5:23 i walk by in the blue vest on the right,
5:41 i cross screen.
6:38 in the way back to the right of the kiosk guy's face,
7:02 when the kiosk guy points i'm to the left of the kiosk girl,
similar position in 7:12,
7:45 good shot of me with bag exact center of screen in blue vest,
8:03 by the suit guys head

So that's good.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The movie I "wrote"

For anyone that doesn't know, I have recently written some screenplays for a production company called Nu-Lite Entertainment that distributes through Universal and

Well, I finally got copies of the movie I wrote for Nu-Lite, Johnson Family Christmas Dinner. It is more low budget than any of you can probably imagine but some of the acting is fine and the script was really good to begin with so it almost qualifies as a real movie. However, as Ashlea and I were watching it we began to notice a couple things. One, the characters on the cover of the DVD aren't actually in the movie.

Those are characters from the first Johnson Family movie.

Another thing we noticed is that there were scenes and lines in it that I didn't write, which is totally fine and understandable to a certain extent, no movie is going to be exactly how the script is. However, we got to a scene where characters say things that I did not write that made me embarrassed to have my name on the movie as the writer. I don't want my name associated with what they're talking about. I will only go into slight detail so that when people watch the movie they'll know that I didn't have anything to do with it and am opposed to it.

Basically the family is sitting at the table and the patriarch tells a joke explicitly ridiculing people with special needs. This comes late in the movie when we are supposed to be attached to these characters. After he made the joke I couldn't care less about them. The joke is tasteless and the scene doesn't add anything to the plot or the story (in fact it detracts significantly). When/if you watch this movie know that I did not write that scene and when I saw it I immediately stopped the movie and tried to get in contact with the Producers.

This movie will be out on December 9th. I'm hoping that no one will see the movie without knowing that I did not write that scene. The other day I was offered the chance to write several more screenplays for the company and I also have a script that they just finished production on. This makes me nervous as to what could leak into the other movies supposedly written by me. Hopefully I will not be embarrassed to have my name on the next DVD they put out but right now my relationship with their company is in jeopardy.

In good news, I have a short that I wrote being produced this afternoon by the company my roommate is starting up. For this shoot I will be on set, actually have input, and the quality of the finished product will be much higher. I'll hopefully have a link where you can watch it in the following weeks.


Friday, November 7, 2008


It's been going well. I'm counting down the days until Thanksgiving in Chicago then Christmas in Nashville and New Years in PG.

For Halloween Ash and I hung with Liz and some people. Ash was Tinkerbell and I was Peter Pan. Go to her blog for pictures (link is to your right).

My roommate is starting up a business that tailor makes short films for actors to put in their reel/resume and I wrote a short for him that he and a crew are producing November 16th. I think it'll turn out well. I hooked up my friend Bryan with one of the roles.

I am supposed to be for sure getting some copies of Johnson Family Christmas Dinner on Wednesday. It comes out December 9th. Pre-order now!!! Just kidding, I don't know how true to my script they were or how ridiculous this movie is going to be but I'm looking forward to watching it. I wrote a feature that's coming out on DVD, that's what's up.

I might be getting some new ink tomorrow, pictures of that if it comes true.

Ash and I visited the set of "Criminal Minds" and talked to Shemar Moore and Joe Mantegna. They were both super nice but I was excited to be talking to Fat Tony from "The Simpsons," dream come true.

I'm meeting a guy from the LAFSC my semester in a few minutes for lunch, so that's good. We had an alumni event last week and that was fun too kind of. It was cool saying that my first paid job out of the LAFSC was writing a feature script because my life is all about impressing LAFSC students at alumni events...seriously.

The big thing in my life right now though is selling a couple of my game systems to buy a Wii.