Friday, November 7, 2008


It's been going well. I'm counting down the days until Thanksgiving in Chicago then Christmas in Nashville and New Years in PG.

For Halloween Ash and I hung with Liz and some people. Ash was Tinkerbell and I was Peter Pan. Go to her blog for pictures (link is to your right).

My roommate is starting up a business that tailor makes short films for actors to put in their reel/resume and I wrote a short for him that he and a crew are producing November 16th. I think it'll turn out well. I hooked up my friend Bryan with one of the roles.

I am supposed to be for sure getting some copies of Johnson Family Christmas Dinner on Wednesday. It comes out December 9th. Pre-order now!!! Just kidding, I don't know how true to my script they were or how ridiculous this movie is going to be but I'm looking forward to watching it. I wrote a feature that's coming out on DVD, that's what's up.

I might be getting some new ink tomorrow, pictures of that if it comes true.

Ash and I visited the set of "Criminal Minds" and talked to Shemar Moore and Joe Mantegna. They were both super nice but I was excited to be talking to Fat Tony from "The Simpsons," dream come true.

I'm meeting a guy from the LAFSC my semester in a few minutes for lunch, so that's good. We had an alumni event last week and that was fun too kind of. It was cool saying that my first paid job out of the LAFSC was writing a feature script because my life is all about impressing LAFSC students at alumni events...seriously.

The big thing in my life right now though is selling a couple of my game systems to buy a Wii.

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M.O.M said...

Haha Impressing LAFSC Wayy Funni! But I Get You!

The Pics Were Adorable!! All I Could Think Was Awwwwwww, LoL.

I Pray Everything Went Well With The Short Film!!

OOO Soooo Cool You Get To Just Walk Around And Talk To People LoL.