Monday, November 24, 2008


I finally saw some of my background acting expertise displayed. I am on the show "Life" on the episode titled Black Friday which you can watch on the internet for free right now.

I am wearing jeans, a navy blue vest, a light blue polo shirt with a light gray long sleeve t shirt underneath. My hair was a little longer at the time. Here are the timecodes of when you can see me:

5:23 i walk by in the blue vest on the right,
5:41 i cross screen.
6:38 in the way back to the right of the kiosk guy's face,
7:02 when the kiosk guy points i'm to the left of the kiosk girl,
similar position in 7:12,
7:45 good shot of me with bag exact center of screen in blue vest,
8:03 by the suit guys head

So that's good.

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Brian said...

not sure if it's still up on nbc or not. if not and people haven't seen it, it's on hulu.

i just watched it.. that's some might fine background walking you did there.