Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday the 14th!

Yeah so, I didn't get that job I interviewed for, it was for a Creative position at Break Media aka  It would have been writing original, branded, and other web content for their several websites and it would have been awesome.  I was really bummed that I didn't get the job and I was disappointed in how they broke the news to me.  Also, I received the news at like 7am after Christian inexplicably woke up at around 5am, so I wasn't in a very good head-space at the time.

And I like that the position was just called 'Creative,' I want a job where the title is just one of my characteristics, I guess I'll keep waiting to hear about that 'Handsome' position I applied for.

Also, that shirt I said I won in my last post arrived, it's t-shirt shaped salt for my job-not-getting wound.

But, as to not wallow in not getting that job I signed up for a sketch writing class at the UCB.  I had my first class on Tuesday and it seems like it's going to be cool.

My contact at Funny Or Die has been busy and the sketch of mine that she is supposed to produce is apparently not very high on her totem pole.  But my top secret project is coming along nicely and there is enthusiasm for it and really that's all I ask.