Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pete Thursday

A couple of my buddies from LAFSC and I made a short movie, it's a skit that I wrote and star in with Taylor Calmus, directed by Rick Bickerstaff. You can see Taylor's other movies on youtube and go to Rick's website from the links on the sidebar. There's a link to it on the sidebar and here's a link here to The Stickler. It was just for fun. We actually did it the other way around too where we swapped the roles, I'll post that too when it's edited.

I am officially in the middle of writing my third feature for Black Christian Movies. Again I am being paid only a couple hundred dollars. My producer says she wants me to keep writing for them and that the fee will raise. I'll post about the title once I finish it and know that it's going into production.

However, I am in the middle of a possibly extremely exciting series of meetings that I will post about later in the week after I know 100%.

My birthday was on Thursday (Ash Wednesday then Pete Thursday), I turned 24. I still feel like a little boy, I still can't believe not only that I'm married but that I even get to live in California in my (our) own apartment. Earlier in the month my parents and Uncle came into town and we all celebrated down in San Diego, it was really fun, I got a new iPod, nice.

The next weekend Ash and I went to her Aunt and Uncle's twins' beautiful memorial service. It was really sad but hopefully provided closure for many.

Intervention has picked back up. I got a ten percent raise.

I finished a screenplay at the end of January called Addicted to You. Here's the synopsis:

Jake, a producer for the Intervention style documentary show "Confrontation," is devastated when is longtime girlfriend tells him she's cheated on him the night he set to propose. He goes into depression until his next "Confrontation" shoot. When he gets to the documentary subject's hometown he meets a girl named Amber and falls for her instantly. He continues to the subject's house and finds that Amber is the addict he's supposed to be documenting.

This script is registered by the WGA.

Another post coming soon.