Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Visiting The Office

So I joined Netflix recently, then immediately quit, then re-signed up. I was excited to join because they recently instituted an all-you-can-watch policy on internet movies. They have a pretty good selection of "instant" movies that you can watch whenever from the internet. However, they have not yet made it applicable for Macs. I was so enraged that I immediately quit but then decided that I had been too hasty and signed up again. They really do have a great selection.
One of things that you do on Netflix is rate movies that you've seen and then they suggest movies based on your ratings. They also tell you what movie you rated specifically made them suggest a certain movie. Boy was I surprised when I was suggested R. Kelly's Trapped in The Closet Chapters 1-12 because I liked Francois Truffaut's The 400 Blows. One is about a series of crazy coincidences that happen to R. Kelly's character and the other is about a 13 year old in Paris who runs away from home. I don't get it.

Anyway, I had my internship interview today. The guy said that he'd let me know if I got the job on Friday. He was laid back and the internship sounded cool. I'll hopefully start on Monday.

I saw another celebrity today at an outdoor market/food court about a 10 minute walk from my apartment. B.J. Novak of The Office and Punk'd fame was buying a donut.

"Oh, I lie now and then, I suppose. Sometimes I'd tell them the truth and they still wouldn't believe me, so I prefer to lie. "

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Short post. I got the script today that I am going to direct this semester. It has some definite potential. It is a comedy thankfully. I'll explain it in a later post.

Today someone told me I reminded them of Jimmy Fallon. It's not the first time I've gotten that before actually. They probably weren't talking about looks-wise but maybe more in vibe.

Tomorrow I have my interview at Mr. Mudd Productions.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Mr. Mudd-y Buddies

It would be an awesome birthday present if someone could get me tickets to the sold out February 16th Cobra Starship show in West Hollywood. Just putting it out there, I don't know if it's possible. Some cool people would probably show up.

I might be getting an internship at John Malkovich's production company Mr. Mudd. The internship coordinator here sent them my resume. They have produced Ghost World, Art School Confidential, and Juno among others. Even though I have mixed feelings about those movies I appreciate the kind of humor they represent because it is similar in tone to the kind of stuff I write. Also, I think I'll just enjoy being around screenplays. That's why I liked working at Blockbuster, to just be around movies and breathe them in (and get free rentals). Here's one of their website's pictures:
I might have an interview there next week. I'll keep you updated.

I am doing very well with my 366 movies so far. Maybe a little too well. I'm watching about two movies a day because I'm not really going out that much and school work hasn't quite gotten into full gear yet. So far today I've watched The Big Lebowski, which I really didn't think was very funny at all, and X-Men: The Last Stand which was not that great the second time but still had it's charms. I might be seeing Sweeney Todd later for the second time but it's a really good movie so that's cool with me.

Well I'll be out here in LA until further notice but you might see me at some point "if I'm... in the neighborhood and I, uh... gotta use the john."

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Academy Awards Abominations

First of all, exciting news. Although my screenplay was not chosen to be produced this semester, I was chosen to direct one of the 5 projects. I have a crew of 9 including editors, DPs, producers, etc to help me. I don't know what the script I have to direct is about yet but I will keep you posted.

Second, sad news. Heath Ledger was found dead today, possibly of a drug overdose. He was only 28 but already he had accomplished a lot. The Dark Knight will hopefully be a credit to his name and a welcome addition to a good filmography including I'm Not There, Lords Of Dogtown, and Brokeback Mountain not to mention one of the best late-90s teen movies, 10 Things I Hate About You. I might rent a Ledger movie tomorrow to celebrate his life.

Finally, Oscar nominations came out today. What I'm happy about is that No Country for Old Men, There Will Be Blood, and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street all received some good nominations. I also hope that Norbit wins the Achievement in Make-Up award.

Remember "love is a force of nature." Rest in peace, Heath Ledger.

Monday, January 21, 2008

There Will Be Bludgeoning

I finally saw There Will Be Blood and it was definitely good but it didn't hit me the same as the rest of PT Anderson's movies did. Daniel Day-Lewis was incredible and it makes me want to see every movie he's ever been in but he hasn't been really in that much. I mean sure, he's been in over 20 movies(, but for his age I would think he would have been in more. Maybe he does a lot of theater or something.

I got my first LA celebrity sightings tonight. I went to an improv show to benefit below the line workers who are losing money because of the strike, on Hollywood boulevard and at one point before the show I was standing in arm's length of Ron Livingston of Office Space fame:
and Jack McBrayer, 30 Rock's Kenneth the NBC page:
I saw them at iO West. It's a cool place. Bob Odenkirk is going to be there next week and there's a show with Andy Richter every once in a while. I can see myself possibly going there often. It was only $10.

Tomorrow we find out about who gets to direct for our Hollywood Production class and we find out what scripts are getting produced. Either I'll have bad news, good news, or great news. So wish me luck and tune in tomorrow.

If you need me I'll be watching the latest episode of Wainy Days.

Simply "work sucks."

Thursday, January 17, 2008

They Lock Us in The Tower Whenever We Get Caught

Exciting stuff going on around here. First of all, the LAFSC staff is picking 5 directors to direct scripts this semester. There are 48 students and I am one of the 9 finalists that is being considered. They liked my reel and I was interviewed the other night. My reel consisted of clips from: The Pen, The Eddie Complex, and a scene from When Harry Met Sally that I did for directing class, as well as the Picture Frame super short in it's entirety. So, what I'm saying is, I think my reel is funny but it is definitely ridiculous. However, I guess the staff thought it was funny as well (or maybe they just liked that I have worked with HD and 16mm film before). I'll keep you updated as to whether I make the next cut.

Yesterday I went to Burbank and protested with the WGA writers. I walked around the NBC studio with a sign and got people to honk and then ate some free fruit snacks they provided. I didn't see any celebs but one of the strikers was a writer for the show Smallville. Here I am all like, c'mon Leno, get with the program bro.
Also, I have an awesome picture as my current facebook profile picture, so check it out.

"Well you are the luckiest person I know. Let's hope it doesn't run out by tomorrow."

Monday, January 14, 2008

Eastern Standards

Even though I have been in California for almost a week I am still on Maryland time. I have been going to sleep at 11pm LA time and waking up at 7:30am LA time. Maybe I'm not on Maryland time but I've just always been on California time.


I have been pretty busy these couple days. Today we had another orientation sessions in the morning then a 'get to know the equipment' session after lunch. Tomorrow morning: internship session, tomorrow afternoon: Hollywood Production Workshop. Finally on Wednesday I'll have the afternoon off and I may go to see the writer's strike at one of the studios. I am excited to get my internship. I'll let you know which one I get soon I hope. This morning we turned in our scripts and directing reels. I feel like I have a pretty strong chance at maybe being one of the directors. That said, I hope it is a possibility that we can direct our own scripts.

I have had the experience twice recently that when I try to be really cheap and save money I end up buying something that sucks and doesn't work the way I intended and therefor costs me anguish, time, and probably more money than if I had just invested a little bit more in something better. I hope that was a real sentence.

The Ten comes out tomorrow. Get familiar.

One of my roommates has an awesome DVD collection so I am going to watch a movie until I promptly fall asleep at 11pm.

"Go fly a kite, Gretchen! Go fly a kite."

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Freaks and Greeks

Once you hear what I'm about to say you'll understand why today's blog title is so clever. On facebook I changed my network to Los Angeles right? Well since then I have friended Clark Duke (of Clark and Michael, one line in Superbad, and the show Greek) and Samm Levine (of Pulse but more importantly of Freaks and Geeks). They both seem like regular dudes who have been in some cool stuff.

I moved into my LA apartment yesterday. I'll post more later today, I have some meetings this morning.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Are You My Skype?

If anyone wants to call me or video chat with me for free they can use skype. It's totally free. All you do is download it from and create a screen name then you can call other skype users for free. Ash and I used it a bunch today. If you would like to skype with me my screen name is PeteTheComputer

I joined the Los Angeles, CA network on Facebook. I also am attempting to friend Kal Penn (Harold and Kumar Go To Whitecastle) and Clark Duke (Clark and Michael and he has maybe one line in Superbad). So we'll see how that goes. Danny met Kal so hopefully Kal will see that we have a friend in common.

Today we went around my new apartment and it is one of the nicest areas I've ever seen. I move in tomorrow and I'll post some pictures probably. I have some pictures of where I'm staying now too but I'll post them tomorrow in contrast. I went to The Grove mall today. It is too nice. The Abercrombie and Fitch store had live models hanging out in it and there were stores like Coach and an Apple store and stuff. It's across the street from my complex. I'll be up early tomorrow to move in first and hopefully get the room with just two guys and not three (5 to a two bedroom apartment).

Short post, it's late. I didn't watch any movies today but I'll try and make up for it soon. I believe I'm 11 for 11 right now so that's fine. "Fast food. High times."

*Editor's Note: I already made the change but my skype name is actually PeteTheComputer not PeteTheRobot
Thanks Ash.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


First off I think I coined a new term today. You know how people say n00b slammed? No? Well some do because I saw it on a t-shirt once. Well today I said n00b slammer, as in: I hope I don't get thrown in the n00b slammer. It's a jail for neophytes. Maybe the term already exists but I've never heard it before.

I know everyone is wondering how I'm doing with my 366 movies this year. Today is January 10th and I am currently watching my 11th movie which is The Boondock Saints. Is anyone else embarking on this task with me? I'd like to hear how many movies you've seen so far, what they were, etc. The rules are: go to the theater, rent, download, watch on TV, buy on iTunes and watch 366 movies this year (since it's a leap year and there are 366 days in 2008). You can contact me at and I can send you my list also. The only movie I've seen in the theater so far this year is One Missed Call and it was really bad. It was a The Ring/Final Destination ripoff except not as scary or well done as The Ring and not as funny or ridiculous (or Devon Sawa starring) as Final Destination. The best parts of One Missed Call were Shannyn Sossamon and Johnny Lewis (aka Chili from The OC). I really want to see There Will Be Blood and Southland Tales right now.

The people I was watching The Boondock Saints with just turned it off and are now turning on Blue Crush instead... no comment. I guess I'll begrudgingly erase Saints from my list, so right now I'm 10 for 10. Hopefully I can stay awake through all of Blue Crush but I doubt it.

Anyway, today we went all around California. Newport Beach, Dana Point, Ocean Side, LA, etc. My car held up and my GPS was a lifesaver. I bought a digital camera today so I'll be able to post pictures on this blog. I got it at a place called It was a huge warehouse and they had incredible deals on computer stuff and video games and TVs and stuff like that. It's also a website, same good deals so check it out:

I dropped some serious Targ Skrill at Target too.

One thing I really like about California is that you can get avocados on your sandwich at Subway. I thought avocados (plural) had an e towards the end but spell check says that that is not the case.

As a famously brilliant movie's tagline once told me "If you want to feel the rush you have to take the risk."

* Editor's Note: I did stay up late enough to watch all of Blue Crush. It turns out that the screenplay was inspired by an article written by Susan Orlean who wrote the book The Orchid Thief which of course inspired Charlie Kaufman's Adaptation.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I'm out in LA. Yesterday I flew from Dulles to Las Vegas where I put $1 on the slots (I didn't win anything). It was nighttime so I got to see the strip lit up. It was great. Then I flew to LA. I re-watched Paris Je T'aime on the plane and the shorts that are good are so good.

My dad and I had to wait at Carmax today for 5 hours but I eventually got a car. A Silver 2004 Toyota Echo.
Good gas mileage, compact, kind of cute, handles well. I like it.

My GPS is going to be my best friend in LA. Her name is Jane and she has a British accent. She calls highways "motorways."

I can't think in complete sentences right now so I'll blog later.

"Thomas Listen. Listen. There are times when life calls out for a change. A transition. Like the seasons."

Monday, January 7, 2008


I got back from New York yesterday. It was a fun trip, we got to see Darrell Hammond from SNL do stand up at the comedy cellar. He was funny, did some good impressions, and said that he was on acid but he might have just been really drunk. Then we went to some bars around town before heading home the next day.
I met this guy on the bus who's name was Rodney Burton and he said he was a DJ. His DJ name is DJ Danger. What's weird is that DJ Danger Mouse's (of the infamous Grey Album) real name is Brian Burton. Coincidence? Probably.

I'm selling my car today then finishing packing up. I leave tomorrow for LA. I have a one way plane ticket. Once I get here this blog will probably be even more exciting then it is now, what with all the hobnobbing I'm going to be doing.

The Ten comes out on DVD on January 15th. It is really irreverent but that's almost the whole point. It's ten short stories that interweave somewhat, bookended by an ongoing narration by Paul Rudd's character, about the ten commandments. It is directed by David Wain and stars Paul Rudd, Jessica Alba, Jean Grey from X-men, Adam Brody, Michael Ian Black, and a slew of other comedy superstars. It's definitely worth a watch.

I might be seeing One Missed Call later today so I'll let you know if it compares to The Ring besides the strikingly similar premises.

Also check out Wainy Days at

My last sign off was of course from Southland Tales, the most elusive movie I've ever tried to see.
But until next time "if [I'd] meant [these blogs] literally, [I'd] have written them in stone."

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


First of all, I hate it when people say 24/7/365, let me explain why: The first number (24) is the number of hours in a day. The second number (7) is the number of days in a week. The third number (365) is number of days in a year but hold on, we already covered days with 7. The correct continuation of the numeral phrase would be 4 or 5 or 6 as in 4 or 5 or 6 weeks a month, but I get why they wouldn't want to say 24/7/5 or 6, it would be silly and confusing. We could almost just round to 5 weeks a month as pretty standard. However, I propose that we say 24/7/12, as in 12 months a year. That way we're saying 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 12 months a year. At least then we're keeping it fresh and not talking about days twice.

So if you ever say anything about 24/7/ etc, which you shouldn't anyway because it's stupid, say 24/7/12 or 24/7/5/12/10/10/100/infinity and we'll have a chuckle.

Also, this year is a leap year.

But anyway I leave for LA on the 8th, here's me packing with Ash:
cute. I'm sure I'm going to need those red Aeropostale swim shorts for all the Blood Pool Parties I'm invited to.

I am going to try and watch 366 movies this year. So far it's January 2nd and I've watched 3 so I'm well on my way. I'm keeping a list that I'll post on January 1st 2009 so if you never read this blog again, at least read that one. I might even put them in order of how I liked them!!! How exciting would that be. I wish that some of my readers/friends would do this with me. If so we could talk about it and compare notes and be nerds about it. As always you can message me on this blog or at PeterLHarmon at

DVD pick of the day: Shooter. A lot of people were telling me I should see it so I did. I don't usually go for that type of movie but it was really good, not too complicated with all the government inner workings and top secrecy or whatever for the layman (aka me), and just plain exciting. Plus Mark Wahlberg is an awesome actor. He was my favorite part of The Departed and that's a feat. I don't want to ruin one of his upcoming roles, in case anyone cares about it, but check who he is playing in 2009 in this movie. I don't know how I feel about it but I'm excited nonetheless.

I also saw Wayne's World for the first time ever today. It was super-90s. Kind of funny, the character of Wayne reminds me too much of Austin Powers mixed with Ted Logan from Bill and Ted. There were a lot of quotable quotes that I've heard before too many times.

Does anyone know where I could see Southland Tales? I don't want to have to wait for the DVD. I'm going to New York this weekend, maybe it's playing there. Or of course when I live in LA it might be playing.

I haven't been signing off of these blogs, like I haven't been saying "good night and have a pleasant tomorrow" or anything so I might just use a tagline or a quote from a movie I mention in the blog as the sign off. That could be a fun game for all of us. The first one might be really easy.

Oh well "have a nice apocalypse."

* Editors Note: lol at the blog formatting cutting off Ash in the picture, maybe once there are more postings it will show the entire picture, but she is in it and she did help me a lot.