Friday, January 11, 2008

Are You My Skype?

If anyone wants to call me or video chat with me for free they can use skype. It's totally free. All you do is download it from and create a screen name then you can call other skype users for free. Ash and I used it a bunch today. If you would like to skype with me my screen name is PeteTheComputer

I joined the Los Angeles, CA network on Facebook. I also am attempting to friend Kal Penn (Harold and Kumar Go To Whitecastle) and Clark Duke (Clark and Michael and he has maybe one line in Superbad). So we'll see how that goes. Danny met Kal so hopefully Kal will see that we have a friend in common.

Today we went around my new apartment and it is one of the nicest areas I've ever seen. I move in tomorrow and I'll post some pictures probably. I have some pictures of where I'm staying now too but I'll post them tomorrow in contrast. I went to The Grove mall today. It is too nice. The Abercrombie and Fitch store had live models hanging out in it and there were stores like Coach and an Apple store and stuff. It's across the street from my complex. I'll be up early tomorrow to move in first and hopefully get the room with just two guys and not three (5 to a two bedroom apartment).

Short post, it's late. I didn't watch any movies today but I'll try and make up for it soon. I believe I'm 11 for 11 right now so that's fine. "Fast food. High times."

*Editor's Note: I already made the change but my skype name is actually PeteTheComputer not PeteTheRobot
Thanks Ash.


Ashlea said...

you can skype me too. my user name is ashelt2.


Ashlea said...

also i thought your skype name was petethecomputer. thats what is says on my contacts....