Monday, January 14, 2008

Eastern Standards

Even though I have been in California for almost a week I am still on Maryland time. I have been going to sleep at 11pm LA time and waking up at 7:30am LA time. Maybe I'm not on Maryland time but I've just always been on California time.


I have been pretty busy these couple days. Today we had another orientation sessions in the morning then a 'get to know the equipment' session after lunch. Tomorrow morning: internship session, tomorrow afternoon: Hollywood Production Workshop. Finally on Wednesday I'll have the afternoon off and I may go to see the writer's strike at one of the studios. I am excited to get my internship. I'll let you know which one I get soon I hope. This morning we turned in our scripts and directing reels. I feel like I have a pretty strong chance at maybe being one of the directors. That said, I hope it is a possibility that we can direct our own scripts.

I have had the experience twice recently that when I try to be really cheap and save money I end up buying something that sucks and doesn't work the way I intended and therefor costs me anguish, time, and probably more money than if I had just invested a little bit more in something better. I hope that was a real sentence.

The Ten comes out tomorrow. Get familiar.

One of my roommates has an awesome DVD collection so I am going to watch a movie until I promptly fall asleep at 11pm.

"Go fly a kite, Gretchen! Go fly a kite."

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