Sunday, January 13, 2008

Freaks and Greeks

Once you hear what I'm about to say you'll understand why today's blog title is so clever. On facebook I changed my network to Los Angeles right? Well since then I have friended Clark Duke (of Clark and Michael, one line in Superbad, and the show Greek) and Samm Levine (of Pulse but more importantly of Freaks and Geeks). They both seem like regular dudes who have been in some cool stuff.

I moved into my LA apartment yesterday. I'll post more later today, I have some meetings this morning.

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Andrew said...

How do multiple viewings figure into the number of movies watched in the year? Because I've already seen Superbad twice and I'll probably see it again before the year is over. This weekend I watched Superbad, Sweeny Todd, El Orfanto aka The Orphanage and How High.
Ps. I bought the first season of Clone High on DVD, jealous?