Thursday, January 10, 2008


First off I think I coined a new term today. You know how people say n00b slammed? No? Well some do because I saw it on a t-shirt once. Well today I said n00b slammer, as in: I hope I don't get thrown in the n00b slammer. It's a jail for neophytes. Maybe the term already exists but I've never heard it before.

I know everyone is wondering how I'm doing with my 366 movies this year. Today is January 10th and I am currently watching my 11th movie which is The Boondock Saints. Is anyone else embarking on this task with me? I'd like to hear how many movies you've seen so far, what they were, etc. The rules are: go to the theater, rent, download, watch on TV, buy on iTunes and watch 366 movies this year (since it's a leap year and there are 366 days in 2008). You can contact me at and I can send you my list also. The only movie I've seen in the theater so far this year is One Missed Call and it was really bad. It was a The Ring/Final Destination ripoff except not as scary or well done as The Ring and not as funny or ridiculous (or Devon Sawa starring) as Final Destination. The best parts of One Missed Call were Shannyn Sossamon and Johnny Lewis (aka Chili from The OC). I really want to see There Will Be Blood and Southland Tales right now.

The people I was watching The Boondock Saints with just turned it off and are now turning on Blue Crush instead... no comment. I guess I'll begrudgingly erase Saints from my list, so right now I'm 10 for 10. Hopefully I can stay awake through all of Blue Crush but I doubt it.

Anyway, today we went all around California. Newport Beach, Dana Point, Ocean Side, LA, etc. My car held up and my GPS was a lifesaver. I bought a digital camera today so I'll be able to post pictures on this blog. I got it at a place called It was a huge warehouse and they had incredible deals on computer stuff and video games and TVs and stuff like that. It's also a website, same good deals so check it out:

I dropped some serious Targ Skrill at Target too.

One thing I really like about California is that you can get avocados on your sandwich at Subway. I thought avocados (plural) had an e towards the end but spell check says that that is not the case.

As a famously brilliant movie's tagline once told me "If you want to feel the rush you have to take the risk."

* Editor's Note: I did stay up late enough to watch all of Blue Crush. It turns out that the screenplay was inspired by an article written by Susan Orlean who wrote the book The Orchid Thief which of course inspired Charlie Kaufman's Adaptation.


Andrew said...

By "the people I was watching it with," do you really mean "the dad I was watching it with?"

Pete said...

and some interns