Web Services

Social Media Guru

I can create and maintain your social media identity. 

I have years of experience with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr., Blogger/ Blogspot, Klout, Paypal, LinkedIn, YouTube, IMDb, Scribd., Kickstarter, Gmail (and other email providers), Google+, eBay, Etsy, Blip.TV, and more.

I can design and link all of your social media arms.  I am very reachable, reliable, and easy to communicate with, and I will be able to make changes and modifications to your site in a very timely manner.

Let's talk about pricing, I'm flexible.  The rate will be determined on how many sites you would like me to set up and how often you would like me to post, maintain, answer queries, etc.

Pete at PeterLHarmon.com

IMDb Professional 

IMDb is the industry's source for credits, it's your e-resume if you're in the entertainment industry.

Need your film or a credit posted on IMDb but don't have an IMDb account? Don't know how to use IMDb? Have an account and know how to use it but you're super rich and pay people to do things for you?

Then I can help. I know my way around IMDb and I can get your credit listed. (email me for examples of credits I've gotten listed)

Here's how it works: Give me all the information about the credit (we can communicate back and forth through email until I get all the info I need), send the money to my Paypal, and I'll forward you the confirmation email from IMDb that insures that they will process your credit.

$10 for a credit added to an existing film, TV show, etc
$25 for a new short listing (film short, TV show episode, etc)
$35 for a new feature listing (feature film, TV or web series, etc)

Email me with some info and we can get started!

Pete at PeterLHarmon.com