Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My screenplay Addicted to You is a finalist in the 2011 Beverly Hills Film Festival!!  My Happenstances screenplay was a finalist last year and the festival was great, in fact, going to that festival put me back in touch with the Producer who is working on getting Happenstances produced right now.

Here's the synopsis of the script in this year's competition though:

Addicted To You
Jake, a producer for the Intervention style documentary show "Confrontation," is devastated when is longtime girlfriend tells him she's cheated on him the night he set to propose. He goes into depression until his next "Confrontation" shoot. When he gets to the documentary subject's hometown he meets a girl named Amber and falls for her instantly. He continues to the subject's house and finds that Amber is the addict he's supposed to be documenting.
WGA # 1410852

Speaking of which, the Producers of Intervention have been producing "Relapse" a new addiction-based show that I worked on (and will continue working on when it hopefully gets picked up for more episodes). There is finally information about it here. I've seen a couple of the episodes and if you like "Intervention" you'll like this show, it's really good, emotional.

Here is a behind the scenes photo from on the set of Walk By Faith 2: After The Honeymoon 

You can now watch The End. at Web Series Channel.

Watch The End. on Web Series Channel

Here is the latest episode of The End.

You can see who the secret guest star is in the credits of that episode, he just barely shows up in this one but his character has three more episodes that we have already shot, the next one will be released on Sunday.

I wrote the script for the season (series possibly?) finale and it's awesome, I can't wait to shoot it. You can check out every episode of The End. here with proper credits.

I finished a feature a week or two ago and I've been working on another one but I have also been thinking of ideas for sketches to write and act in.  A couple of people I know out here do sketch comedy, The Outside Joke and Friends R Us.  The guys from Friends R Us actually got hired at Funny or Die as writer/ directors and have had a couple super popular sketches so far.  I would like to put together a group like that, I would also love to take improv classes, but with my work schedule it's hard to do much.  I hope to shoot something in the next month or so though.