Friday, December 11, 2009

Intervention has been great. There are some awesome episodes this season. "Greg" just came on and I didn't see it but I was so interested when I was doing the footage. I might buy it on iTunes for my plane ride home.

Ash and I will be in Nashville from the 20th until Christmas Eve then we'll be in Maryland until after New Year's. Yeah!

I also transcribed some footage for the pilot of another show from the creator of "Intervention." I hope it and the other pilot I transcribed get picked up so I can talk about them.

Ash and I joined a Pug Club and went to a party the other day. There are pictures on facebook. Summer loved it.

Yesterday I sent out about forty query letters (I already got one "no"). I think I've explained what query letters are before. Basically mine say that I'm a produced screenwriter, here's my info, here's what I wrote that got produced, here are the synopses of the specs I have written. They are supposed to get me an agent or maybe get a production company interested in one of my scripts. Last time I did a round of these a production company (assistant) read Love Bites and said that their company wasn't interested but that it was probably marketable, and a guy also tried to scam me for $600. Who knows what'll happen this time!!!!!!!

Today I have a meeting with the director of the movie I wrote, Pastor Jones: Preachin' to the Choir. He wants me to write something for him. I would be getting paid slightly more than I did for my work for Black Christian Movies. He either wants to buy one of my current scripts, or more likely, give me some plot points and have me write on assignment. I guess I'm reasonably optimistic about getting this job, I talked to him on the phone twice and he still wants to meet with me, I just never want to be excited about anything until I have something signed or a check, etc.

If you have Netflix watch instantly or some other way to watch the short lived sitcom "Worst Week," in the episode titled The Party go to 12 minutes in, where the Sam character is talking to the David character (played by RonReaco Lee from "Sister, Sister") about eating a big eclair or whatever and who is that in the background in HD??? Pete!! I'm shown four times for a total of probably about 30 seconds, it's my best background acting role to date.

I'm up to 223 so far, how are you doing?