Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 26, 2009

I'm getting married today!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Grown Man Business

Tomorrow I'm flying home for a week and a half-ish to get married to Ashlea "Bout to be Harmon" Shelton, official nickname. In the next few days I'll get my marriage license, have a bachelor party, catch up with old friends, see my family, and eventually have the ceremony and the reception, among other things. After we fly home we're headed off on our honeymoon. It should be one of the best times in my life, that's crazy to think about.

I just had friends from out of town staying with me, it was awesome especially since I hadn't seen Mark P. in a while. We went to UCB and saw a good comedy show and Kenny and I always seem to randomly watch great movies. We watched The Hammer starring Adam Carolla and it was surprisingly awesome.

Work wise I did that day on "American Idol" where I think I had the best job possible for the day. For my 12 hours I sat in the place where the contestants who made it past the first round come in and I took pictures of every single one of them holding a dry erase board with their contestant number on it. I obviously can't say anything about it except I think I saw some stunt casting choices come through there.

I've also been crushing "Intervention" minutes to try to save money for the next couple weeks and working out a lot so I look good in my wedding pictures. About "Intervention" though, the Aaron and Andrea episode coming on July 20th should be really good. I transcribed some of it and this guy's story is interesting and this girl Andrea is unbelievably sad. I'm watching Gabe and Bret on the plane tomorrow.

While I'm home, if you want to eat some crabs, go to a Nationals game or go to the Cheverly pool give me a call.

If you want to get me a wedding gift that I didn't register for, send me a copy of Pastor Jones: Heavenly Voices because I only have one copy right now and it's the Preachin' to the Choir one. I want at least one of each. It also now says Pastor Jones Preachin' to the Choir aka Heavenly Voices on IMDb AND has a picture of the DVD cover up on there which is awesome.

Check out my IMDb page, rate Pastor Jones on Netflix or IMDb, and watch my movie Jasper or one I wrote Bedrock.

* I don't have the tattoo at the top of this post, surprisingly.