Sunday, October 26, 2008

I like this guy...

I stole this from Jason S.

I like that guy, he's one third of the Lonely Island and he's in Role Models for a second.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Last Thursday Ash and I saw an advanced screening of Role Models the new David Wain movie that comes out soon. It was funny, there were a lot of familiar faces in it. David Wain, Ken Marino, Joe Lo Truglio, and A.D.Miles introduced the movie before it started. After the movie we saw this character lurking around:


Ken Jeong, the doctor from Knocked Up and the King from Role Models was hanging out. We talked to him and he was seriously the nicest guy ever. He signed my Knocked Up DVD which I happened to have on me. He was super nice, seriously. He was good in the movie too.

After that Ash and I headed towards our car and who did we see but David Wain and Co. also going towards their cars. I got them all to sign my Wet Hot American Summer DVD which I happened to have on me...

Over the weekend Ash and I carved pumpkins and made pumpkin seeds.


Ash carved/ is a crab (MD!!).


I'm too cool for it but I made a silly face.




Ash said now take a nice one.


Ash's nice one too.

Ash's roommate had a carving party the next day for girls only so Ash carved a vampire pumpkin too. You would know that if she updated her blog ever.

My "Intervention" job is going well.

I'm supposed to go to Nu-Lite and pick up some stuff this week. I'll let you know about that.

My writing is going really well, I restructured the movie I'm working on for my writing group and it's going to make it so much better.

I'm finally going to start watching "The Wire" all the way through starting with Season 1.

So everything is good, I'm excited to go to Chicago for Thanksgiving, Nashville for Christmas, and PG for New Years.

Monday, October 13, 2008

It's cool when your paycheck says this:


I work for the show "Intervention." Cool. I hope I can swing my transcribing position on "Intervention" into a job on "MTV's True Life," I'm only partly kidding.

Lately I've just been working at transcribing and eBay, going to the gym (I started swimming some again lately) and hanging out with Ash on her days off or my buddy Bryan who is an actor or my roommate and his friends (I played poker with them on Friday night and won, probably pictures on facebook at some point because he was taking pictures often).

Monday nights I eat dinner with Ash and then we got to the gym after.

Tuesday nights I go to a restaurant called Big Wangs for 25 cent wings.

Wednesdays I have my writer's group meeting.

Thursdays Ash and I have been seeing movies (this Thursday we're trying to get into a screening of Role Models, the new David Wain movie starring Paul Rudd, McLovin' and Stiffler. I'm pretty sure David Wain commented on this blog after I mentioned "Wainy Days" a while ago. David Wain and Paul Rudd are going to be at the screening so I'm going to try and get my copy of Wet Hot American Summer signed. I could try to buy The Ten before then too.)

So I'm settling into a pretty good schedule.

I saw Sam Rockwell's big buddy from Choke at the gym the other day. His name is Brad William Henke and he was in Choke and Me and You and Everyone we Know most notably to me. I always see these people and Ash is never there at the time.

I have news about Johnson Family Christmas but I'm going to hold off for now.

Friday, October 3, 2008

"Slapping the bass"... No one is going to get that reference for months

First of all, Ash and I saw an early screening for the next Paul Rudd/ Jason Segel movie which tentatively has two titles currently: I Love You, Man and Bromance both of which are horrible titles but the movie is really good. Some familiar faces are in it to varying degrees: Andy Samberg, Jon Favreau, Rashida Jones, Jamie Pressly, Carla Gallo aka Lizzie from Undeclared (she has some great/awkward credits to her name on IMDB), Joe Lo Truglio, J.K. Simmons, and many many more. It was good, I'm looking forward to the extended DVD.

Today at the gym I saw:
Clea DuVall (Can't Hardly Wait, She's All That, Identity, Zodiac, "Heroes") She got the clown make-up put on her in She's All That by Rachel Leigh Cook.
She was definitely getting her sweat on.

Jeremy Howard ("Undeclared" as the frat bro Totem Pole in one or two episodes, Men In Black II, Accepted) You might recognize him from every commercial ever.
He was stretching (his neck, jk his body).

I've had a few new posts in the past day or two so make sure you scroll down.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A typical day at the office, transcribing. Not too shabby.


Me and my roommate's cat.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Transcribing has been going awesomely. I'll post a picture of my typical work day when I get my pictures on the computer. Typing for hours doesn't make me want to blog and upload pictures and all that. But I'm ahead of schedule so I might be able to eBay and do some stuff tomorrow.

I had a job interview today randomly. My directing teacher from Towson who lives out here called me and asked if I could do a job interview and I said sure, when? He said "Now" so I had to shave my week long beard and take a shower, but I got there, interviewed, and then got home and had an e-mail saying they hired somebody else which is OK because the job was going to be really tough (but I could have still handled it). The producer said that if the pilot goes to series that she might hire me though, so the interview was semi-successful, especially because I wasn't expecting to interview at all today.

Last week Ash and I saw Eagle Eye for free at the Arclight (the theater Jeremy Piven is coming out of on "Entourage" in the episode when Head On first comes out). The movie was OK, a lot better than I expected and it was free. What else do you want?!?!?!?!? If they had cut the last 30 seconds the movie would have been a lot better.

Tomorrow Ash and I are seeing the new Paul Rudd/ Jason Segel movie for free. I think it's a test screening. I just bought Forgetting Sarah Marshall so I'm ready for some more of those two dudes. I should have gotten the Forgetting Sarah Marshall/ We Are Marshall two pack they were selling. Just kidding, that doesn't and shouldn't exist.

For the rest of the day: Gym, shower, maybe a little bit more transcribing, writer's meeting, maybe watching a documentary about steroids. Sounds good to me.