Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Transcribing has been going awesomely. I'll post a picture of my typical work day when I get my pictures on the computer. Typing for hours doesn't make me want to blog and upload pictures and all that. But I'm ahead of schedule so I might be able to eBay and do some stuff tomorrow.

I had a job interview today randomly. My directing teacher from Towson who lives out here called me and asked if I could do a job interview and I said sure, when? He said "Now" so I had to shave my week long beard and take a shower, but I got there, interviewed, and then got home and had an e-mail saying they hired somebody else which is OK because the job was going to be really tough (but I could have still handled it). The producer said that if the pilot goes to series that she might hire me though, so the interview was semi-successful, especially because I wasn't expecting to interview at all today.

Last week Ash and I saw Eagle Eye for free at the Arclight (the theater Jeremy Piven is coming out of on "Entourage" in the episode when Head On first comes out). The movie was OK, a lot better than I expected and it was free. What else do you want?!?!?!?!? If they had cut the last 30 seconds the movie would have been a lot better.

Tomorrow Ash and I are seeing the new Paul Rudd/ Jason Segel movie for free. I think it's a test screening. I just bought Forgetting Sarah Marshall so I'm ready for some more of those two dudes. I should have gotten the Forgetting Sarah Marshall/ We Are Marshall two pack they were selling. Just kidding, that doesn't and shouldn't exist.

For the rest of the day: Gym, shower, maybe a little bit more transcribing, writer's meeting, maybe watching a documentary about steroids. Sounds good to me.

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