Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I will be in Maryland from December 28th until January 3rd. Home for New Year's!!!!!! Be ready to hang.

I was an extra on "House" yesterday. I saw Hugh Laurie getting coffee, I held the door for Omar Epps who gave me the thank you nod, and Kal Penn (Kumar!!) said good morning to me and chatted with me and two other extras for a minute. (Nothing like Danny's story...but still cool).

So to recap, here is a list of shows I've been on and what the episode is about so maybe you can see me on there:

"Pushing Daisies" - the episode has a magician flashback but they never called me to set so I won't be in it.
"Worst Week" - the guy gives his Dad weed cigars by accident. I'm a partygoer.
"CSI: NY" - this sleazeball gives drugs to a girl then gets shot in the head. I'm a club patron at this club that looks like the NY City subway. I'm right behind the drug dealer when he kisses the girl and gives her the pill.
"Starter Wife" - Debra Messing has a fantasy where she's Dirty Harry. I'm behind the girl she shoots and I'm wearing coveralls and fake sideburns.
"The Mentalist" - An episode that takes place on a college campus. I'm a college student walking around.
"Life" - An episode that takes place at a Mall during Christmas. I'm a guy walking around the mall and a COP in full uniform!!!!
"Criminal Minds" - An episode where the skinny guy does a bunch of magic tricks. I'm a bar patron and I'm right behind the Black guy when he and the skinny guy are at the bar.
"Dirty Sexy Money" - who cares?
"Do Not Disturb" - an episode where a famous author dies at the hotel. I'm sitting behind Jerry O'Connell and Dave Franco when they're talking about not liking to talk about naked dudes.
"Samantha Who?" - an episode where Samantha slashes somebody's tires I think. I walk behind her and Barry Watson when they walk into her apartment complex.
"House" - I have no idea what happens in the episode and I was only in one shot for one second so who knows.

I'm going to start being an extra a lot less because of my transcribing job with "Intervention" but I'll keep you posted on what I do and if I find links to the episodes I'm on.

I'm pumped to watch The Foot Fist Way later.

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