Monday, September 15, 2008

This is the Gym Class Heroes show Ash and I went to for free a while ago.

You can see the show at but Wal-Mart sucks so whatever. You can see the back of my head in some of the crowd shots but if you don't know where I was standing it'd be pretty hard to see me. It's not like the New Friend Request video where Andrew is dancing at 1:11


On the Wal-Mart site the sound quality isn't great, I'd say buy the album from somewhere besides Wal-Mart instead of watching the videos.

There are so many "edgy" zooms from the Axe logo to the stage.


ashlea said...

we are stage right. my shirt is green!

Andrew said...

Was there any man candy at stage right?

ashlea said...

yeah, pete! there were seriously like 10 guys there and the rest were ladies. travie was looking nice though :)

Andrew said...

Some rap group that is affiliated with GCH's dj is shooting a music video about fighting at my gym and Travis might come to that.

Pete said...

he said he remembered you from the myspace video when i talked to him for two seconds at the show. i mentioned the mustache and the purple suit.