Friday, September 5, 2008

I've been doing background "acting" almost every day. On Wednesday I drove down to Long Beach to be in a 70s scene on the show "The Starter Wife." At one point Debra Messing is only a couple feet away from me pointing a gun at somebody. I'm in the episode where she has a Dirty Harry fantasy/ flashback deal. Makeup put ridiculous sideburns on me.

Yesterday and today I was on "The Mentalist" starring Simon Baker. I am all over this episode so look out for one that takes place on a college campus.

Next week so far I have Monday booked for a show I've never heard of called "Life" and I prebooked "Criminal Minds" for Thursday which will be awesome if Erica is producing and/or writing the episode. Today I had to get up at 6am to go to the lot and on Monday my call time is 6am.

On Wednesday I had my writer's group meeting and the guys had some really good advice for my screenplay so far.

Starting in a week I am going to start working for "Intervention." I am going to transcribe raw footage. It's work from home so I can do it on my own time. I'm going to continue to do background as well and transcribe in my free time. Hopefully the transcribing position can turn to something else but who knows. My former Directing teacher from Towson hooked me up but the girl I talked to on the phone was an LAFSC alum. Small world.

I just read on IMBDpro that Tina Fey is going to play Sarah Palin on SNL... I knew it.

FYI, background actors are mostly idiots.

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