Monday, May 21, 2012


I'm going to try to focus on the positive for the most part but first let me talk about some disappointments.  Still no word from Funny Or Die as to when they're going to produce the sketch I wrote for them, I got invited to participate in a 48 hour film festival that I had to turn down, and I was going to direct the top secret project I keep alluding to but now it looks like I won't be able to do that either.  I already wrote the script for it though so hopefully it still gets produced without me.

OK, whine, whine, whine, that's over (well it isn't really, I'm bummed, but this isn't for that).

My sketch class at UCB is/was awesome!  There are two weeks left and I've written some great sketches for it.  I've gone to some shows at the UCB and they were great.  I'm going to continue taking classes there when they fit in with my schedule.  And hopefully I'll be able to put my sketches up on their stage at some point which would be a dream come true.

On a similar note, my blog The Best Sketch Comedy On The 'Net has been a fun venture.  I've gotten in touch with a bunch of sketch groups, comedians, filmmakers, etc.  One sketch group got me tickets to their show for free and I went.  While I was there I ran into a guy who used to live in my apartment complex and he had been following my stuff on Funny Or Die and now we're talking about doing some sketches together.  I met up with another sketch group and they bought me some beer!  So even in just the two months I've been doing that blog it has already reaped benefits.  So go to that blog, follow it if you have a Tumblr., 'Like' it on Facebook, and follow @TheBestSketch on twitter for updates.

It has been made increasingly apparent that I need to have a spec TV episode in my writing repertoire.  For the uninitiated, a spec (short for speculative) is an episode of an existing, current television show that you write to show you can write for already established characters, know the TV structure, and um, that you're a good writer.  So I recently started watching "Up All Night" and it's great so I'm going to watch every episode and then write my own.

So, in conclusion, bummer city and I'm the mayor's assistant, UCB sketch is where it's at, Best Sketch for lolz, and staying "Up All Night" to write!