Monday, January 7, 2008


I got back from New York yesterday. It was a fun trip, we got to see Darrell Hammond from SNL do stand up at the comedy cellar. He was funny, did some good impressions, and said that he was on acid but he might have just been really drunk. Then we went to some bars around town before heading home the next day.
I met this guy on the bus who's name was Rodney Burton and he said he was a DJ. His DJ name is DJ Danger. What's weird is that DJ Danger Mouse's (of the infamous Grey Album) real name is Brian Burton. Coincidence? Probably.

I'm selling my car today then finishing packing up. I leave tomorrow for LA. I have a one way plane ticket. Once I get here this blog will probably be even more exciting then it is now, what with all the hobnobbing I'm going to be doing.

The Ten comes out on DVD on January 15th. It is really irreverent but that's almost the whole point. It's ten short stories that interweave somewhat, bookended by an ongoing narration by Paul Rudd's character, about the ten commandments. It is directed by David Wain and stars Paul Rudd, Jessica Alba, Jean Grey from X-men, Adam Brody, Michael Ian Black, and a slew of other comedy superstars. It's definitely worth a watch.

I might be seeing One Missed Call later today so I'll let you know if it compares to The Ring besides the strikingly similar premises.

Also check out Wainy Days at

My last sign off was of course from Southland Tales, the most elusive movie I've ever tried to see.
But until next time "if [I'd] meant [these blogs] literally, [I'd] have written them in stone."

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