Friday, March 28, 2008

The Office

Tomorrow I am supposed to be directing my major movie of the semester. However, we don't have a location exactly yet. Since we don't have a location I don't know where the Producers have been telling the extras to meet. I don't know if we have extras. I'm on it now though and I think we should be able to shoot at least something this weekend so we have something to show at our dailies screening on Tuesday.

The other night Ashlea and I went out to eat with her family friend who writes for "Criminal Minds." We went to a crazy expensive restaurant and Elizabeth Banks was across the aisle from us.

Then, on Wednesday Ashlea came to check out my internship and we saw Jenna Fischer.

Ashlea leaves this evening from Burbank.

I'll probably put up pictures of the trip but I'm at my internship and I don't have them on me.

My screenplay is going well. My classes are going well, I'm just really nervous about shooting this weekend.

Also, look at fat Jared Leto

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Ashlea said...

elizabeth banks was awesome and the food was so great at that restaurant! also jenna fischer said hi to me! its been beautiful every day here so far and i can't believe i have to leave. i'll see you in a month-ish though. i love you and thanks for everything!

miss you lots