Monday, February 18, 2008

Back in LA

I had a really great time at home. It was good to see all of you. I hope people can visit soon. Here's me and Ash.

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

I'm meeting this actor tonight at my program.
His name is Doug Jones and he was also in Pan's Labyrinth and some other things.

I just found this Member Review of Diary of the Dead on Netflix . This is seriously funny.
Bart The Fart 3 stars
In Land of the Dead zombies began to get more intelligent. They could learn. Now George Romero takes things a step further in this film where the dead have become so intelligent they begin to keep diaries. For the first time ever Diary of the Dead exposes the innermost thoughts of zombies. Who they're crushes are, what they did at school that day and what they REALLY think of their BFFs.

Can you imagine? That's good stuff.

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Ashlea said...

lol to that review. also thanks for putting up the pic -- cute! i love you, you 22 year old pete.