Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lars and the Real Big Disappointment

So I was all excited for tonight because we were going to have an Oscar movie marathon at the center on the big screen. The line up was going to be There Will Be Blood, Michael Clayton, Lars and the Real Girl, and No Country for Old Men. People showed up for Blood and a few stayed for Clayton but by the time I was pumped for Lars everyone was leaving. The marathon was supposed to last from 8pm to roughly 5am and I was down. How many times in life do you do something like that right? I even went to Starbucks and bought something for the caffeine and I never go to that store. Then I come back to my place and I'm gonna watch We Own The Night but my roommate already has something on TV so... I might just read because I'm still awake.

I did coverage on a script a few days ago that Trey Parker and Matt Stone are producing. It's going to be funny if they do it right. No spoilers.

I got invited to a pretty cool Oscar party. I'll explain later.


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Ashlea said...

i would have been down, i still havent seen Lars. bummer!