Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A lot to say:

I walk into my internship and the sliding doors that separate the assistant's desk from the producer's desk are shut. My supervisor asks "Have you ever seen Mean Girls?" to which I obviously answer yes. He tells me that Amanda Seyfried, aka the girl who can predict the weather that is already happening, is in the producer's office right now. When the meeting is done she came out and I met her, kind of. She smiled in my general direction and I gave her the smile and the nod. I hadn't even met the producers yet so I didn't know if I could blurt out "I just watched Alpha Dog a couple days ago." Anyway, I was excited to "meet" her. It's always stupid to say but she looked shorter in person. It's stupid to say because 1) I'm tall and of course I'm going to be taller than a lot of people and 2) a couple of times when I've seen this person she was on a massive movie screen and in close ups her face could have been dozens of feet tall. But, she looked shorter in person.

The excitement did not stop there. John Malkovich called and had a lengthy conversation with his fellow producers. It was weird to hear him talking about normal things and not about people Being him.

I also saw Toby from "The Office" picketing outside of the CBS building by my apartment today which makes him the second "Office" actor I have encountered.


I have to sign a confidentiality form at some point so I definitely won't talk about different projects or scripts that the company is working on but I think I can tell you that I met that actress and that John Malkovich called his own production company.

My assignment from my internship is to read this book they gave me and do coverage on it. Coverage is basically a logline, synopsis, and evaluation of the material so they know if they want to produce it. The book is almost 300 pages long and the coverage is due by Monday. I'm going to do it though because hopefully he thinks that I can't do it and I'll surprise them.

I'll keep you posted.

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Ashlea said...

i can't wait until you see jim, pam, or george michael bluth!