Friday, August 1, 2008

Last night Ashlea and I went to the Pineapple Express world premiere. Before the movie we stood outside and watched the red carpet. I got my "Freaks and Geeks" DVD boxed set autographed by Judd Apatow, James Franco, and Seth Rogen. When Judd saw the DVDs he said "That's a good one" and I said "Yeah."


At the premiere we saw: Judd, James, Seth, Danny McBride (Foot Fist Way, Drillbit Taylor), Joe Lo Truglio (Wet Hot American Summer), Evan Goldberg (co-writer of Superbad and Pineapple Express), a bunch of other members of the cast like ROsie Perez and the guy who played the jerky boss on Office Space, Daniel Craig (everyone went nuts), Jim Carrey with Jenny McCarthy, Jack Black, Kanye West, Lloyd and the publicist from Entourage, Jon Voight (it was sad that the little girls around me knew him as Angelina Jolie's Dad), Wes Chatham (had the greatest line in In The Valley of Elah), Channing Tatum, Stanley from The Office, Ash saw Meredith from The Office and the woman who plays Jeremy Piven's wife on Entourage, Leslie Mann, Jonah Hill, Amber Heard, RZA, Emile Hirsch, and I talked to Jeff Garlin ("Curb Your Enthusiasm" and the voice of the Captain in Wall-E) but he seemed like he didn't want me to blow up his scene because he wasn't on the red carpet. I also saw the drug dealer from The Rules of Attraction and maybe Skeet Ulrich from Scream. And some others, Ash do you remember anyone else?

Here are some of the better pictures we took:

Then, to top it off we got into the movie for free because they handed out ticket right near us and I snagged two. There were two theaters playing it at the same time. We were in the one with Stanley and Channing Tatum and Skeet. The movie was really good but it wasn't anything compared to Superbad.

I'll post pictures of my ticket and my signed DVDs soon.

I was supposed to turn in my latest script to Nu-Lite today but they never called. I hope I can handle that on Monday.


Arwen said...

Did you happen to get any pictures of Skeet?

Brian said...

I felt the same way about pineapple.

I wouldn't say I was disappointed, but it wasn't as good as I was wanting/expecting it to be.