Sunday, August 31, 2008

This month will mark the first month that I've paid rent for myself ever (I'm still not paying my car payment, car insurance, or health insurance mind you, but still). I paid it by eBaying, temping, selling the screenplays, and most recently doing background work (aka being an Extra).

On Friday I worked on CSI: New York so watch for me in the background of a club scene in a bar that looks like a New York City subway station. I'm wearing a bright green dress shirt and I'm right behind the drug dealer when he gives a girl a red pill. In fact, he has to nudge me aside to get to the girl. I'm predicting that I do some really good "backting" in the episode.

Backting =

Today Ash and I saw Tony Hale (Buster from "Arrested Development") at our church. He supposedly goes all the time but today is the first time we saw him.

Short one today, no new pictures really but I'll keep you posted.

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