Monday, August 25, 2008

My writer's meeting went well. It's a good group of guys and I think it will force me to write by giving myself deadlines. They have some cool ideas they're working on. Also, it will give my week some structure. The first thing I'm presenting for the group is a screenplay I wrote a while ago loosely based on the Cheverly pool. I am currently doing a major rewrite to it.

I visited the set of Johnson Family Christmas last week. The movie is going to be an odd experience to watch. I met a couple of the actors. Two of them were from PG County, so that was cool.

Maddy came to visit. I'll probably put up pictures in my next post. We had a good time and one night I did karaoke for the first time. Ash and I sang a bunch of songs.

Brief post today because I got a background acting job on the show "Pushing Daisies." I am going to be a waiter. I'll post the episode that I'm going to be on once I know the info.

Tomorrow is a huge day. It's Ashlea and my anniversary (two years and nine months I'm pretty sure). I'm meeting my former Directing professor for lunch, then I'm supposed to have a phone interview to possibly be a screenwriter's personal assistant for between 15-20 dollars an hour, then at night Ash and I are going to Ghengis Cohen to see her Uncle play music.

Read Ashlea's blog, there's more info there. The link is to the right.

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