Tuesday, August 5, 2008


OK, first of all. Ashlea and I saw "Work Out"'s Jesse Brune at Pinkberry the other night.


You probably have two questions: What's Pinkberry? and What's "Work Out"? Pinkberry is a delicious frozen yogurt place where you put a bunch of toppings on your yogurt, and "Work Out" is this show about a gym and that guy is on it.

Also, remember Ron Lester aka the fat guy from Varsity Blues and "Popular" bka the fat guy from Not Another Teen Movie spoofing the fat guy from Varsity Blues? Remember him? Well it seems that he must have lost 300 pounds:


What???? Good for him.

Here's my ticket to the World Premiere of Pineapple Express.

and here's my copy of "Freaks and Geeks" signed by Judd Apatow, James Franco, and Seth Rogen:
now I just need Samm Levine to sign it!!!!

Ashlea and I visited her classroom today and started setting it up. It's awesome that she has her own classroom.

See her blog to read about our latest trip to the UCB Theater:
Tell her Pete sent you.

I met with Nu-Lite yesterday and delivered my latest script. Have I talked about what it's about yet? If not remind me to. I have another meeting with them on Monday to talk about something pretty exciting. I'll let you know how that goes.

This post is chronologically out of order. Sorry.

My roommate got an XBOX 360 and is getting a cat tomorrow. I'm more excited about the cat by far. What are good games for the 360 that don't require me to press a million buttons at once?

Ash and I are going to San Diego tomorrow for her Aunt's wedding on Thursday.


Andrew said...

The xbox games I like are gta4, crackdown, and bioshock. Crackdown is probably easiest for a noob and cheapest to buy used.

Brian said...

I remember you talking about gta4 before you realized it wasn't for ps2.

get that.

also I think the big guy had gastric bypass surgery or his stomach stapled. I Additionally, I read he has trouble getting work now.