Thursday, August 28, 2008

I started doing Extras work this week. On Monday I was on "Pushing Daisies" as a waiter in a magician flashback scene but I was never actually used on set so they paid and fed me to sit around all day.
Yesterday I was a party goer on the show "Worst Week"
which has Kurtwood Smith aka Red Foreman from "That 70s Show" and RonReaco Lee aka Tyreke from "Sister, Sister." I am in a bunch of shots for that show so look for me during a birthday party scene for Kurtwood's character where his son-in-law accidentally gives him "cigars laced with grass" as they kept saying on the show (aka blunts). I made a bunch of money yesterday (relatively speaking) because I was on set for over 12 hours. The food was also much better on "Worst Week" than on "Pushing Daisies."

Later today I am going to be a club goer on CSI: NY.

Maddy visited over the weekend and we had fun. I posted pictures on facebook but someone still has to tag them all. I will later if no one has yet.

The other night Ashlea and I went to Ghengis Cohen to see her cousin play bass for a band and afterward we stayed for dinner. While we were eating Adam Sandler and Kevin James came in and ate sooo close to us. Also, I swear I saw Nick Cannon at the post office today, LOL. On the paramount lot yesterday I saw the kid who plays little Chris Rock on "Everybody Hates Chris" because their trailers were across the alley from "Worst Week."

I'm not going to book a show for tomorrow in case this one today goes really late. Instead I'm going to sleep in, thrift, post stuff on eBay, and then go to Ashlea's co-worker friends' house warming party.

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