Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I won't be able to cover everything in this post but I'll update you on a few things.

First of all, there was an earthquake today. I was at my apartment and I felt everything shake. It wasn't as strong as downtown but I could definitely feel the earth shaking for a minute or two. I'm OK and the only thing that happened was two of the speakers on my roommate's TV fell down. I didn't really know what to do during the shaking so I stood up from my computer, saved the screenplay I'm working on, and looked around.
Ashlea's OK too. Welcome to LA, Ash.

Speaking of which, we got in to LA on Sunday. There are pictures from our road trip on facebook. I'll post a couple of them on here too in the next post. We went to a younglife camp in VA, my parents' house in TN, The Dark Knight on IMAX in TN, and the Grand Canyon.
The Grand Canyon was one of the greatest things I've ever seen.

The Dark Knight was really good too.

We moved in all of Ashlea's stuff on Sunday and barely made it to the U-Haul place in time.

By the way, I am officially boycotting U-Haul. We had to spend 7 and a half hours at the U-Haul in Baltimore while they jerked us around and took forever installing our hitch. If you have to move somewhere use Penske or something. DO NOT USE U-HAUL, they're some jerkys.

Ashlea's apartment is really nice and her roommates are friendly. One of them has a really nice kitten named Mya. I think Ashlea is going to start a blog, I'll add a link once she does.

I'm working on the Johnson Family screenplay right now. I can talk more about that once I'm done. I'm turning it in on Friday but I just started it yesterday. I've been working on it for five hours a day for the past two days. I'm half way done.

Ash and I are hoping to go to Upright Citizens Brigade Theater tonight for some comedy. I'll let you know how that goes.

In conclusion, earthquakes are a weird phenomenon.

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