Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It has been a long and exciting week. Drew, Heather, and Ashlea are all here. Ashlea called me last Thursday to tell me that she decided to come visit me on Friday, the next day. I postponed my trip to Vegas a day and picked her up from Burbank on Friday. We came back and saw my apartment then drove the 4-5 hours to Vegas through the desert which was 115 degrees in some places.

Las Vegas was fun we handled business, saw some sites. Corey has a really nice house with a pool and most of his roommates were cool, we didn't really meet one of them. But we did what we needed to do in one night and came back the next day.

Sunday we went to the church I go to in Hollywood then walked around Hollywood boulevard. Then we drove down Sunset Boulevard and Rodeo Drive to scope the scene. Beverly Hills is nuts.

Monday we went to the Santa Monica beach/pier and all got a lot of sun but had fun. Ashlea got pooped on by a bird which is supposedly good luck. We came back and watched The Mist which is so good.

Yesterday Ashlea's bird poop good luck came to fruition. She got a job interview at a charter school in LA County so we took her there and hung out at a mall while she interviewed. It went really well so she expects to hear good things from them.

Last night was incredible. We went to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and saw four hours of comedy for $5. Among the performers were Matt Besser from Dewey Cox, Drillbit Taylor, and Junebug. Also, JUDD APATOW! Then Judd brought out Jonah Hill to do stand up for the first time in his life. Jonah Hill killed and one of the comics later said that Jonah Hill had a bunch of people backstage like Jason Schwartzman. Overall it was awesome and I want to go every week.

A bunch of pictures from the trip will probably be posted somewhere soon.

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