Thursday, July 17, 2008


I am officially a paid screenwriter. I got paid for Pastor Jones: Preachin' to the Choir (the check is just a copy by the by). I am still supposed to direct it but the shoot is pushed back. They gave me a new writing assignment though that I can explain later if I actually complete it, they want it done in a week and a half or so.

In other crazy exciting news, Ashlea's parents are flying me back to Maryland so I can drive across the country with her and her car and an attached trailer. I leave tomorrow and I'll be in PG Saturday night. We're hitting the road Tuesday morning and stopping by a Younglife camp where my parents will be in Rockbridge, Virginia. We're going to stay the first night at my parents' new house in Nashville, TN. Ash and I are definitely going to hit the Grand Canyon and take a bunch of pictures.

Gotta go, I have to start writing this new movie.


Ashlea said...

we'll also be in pg fri night immediately after picking peter up from dulles

be ready to partay :)

Ashlea said...

i lied. we're not doing that anymore. we'll be there saturday.