Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ashlea decided to come out to California to visit after she basically had given up on teaching out here this year. She had been in contact with a couple schools but they didn't seem very interested in a first year teacher who still lived in Maryland even though she was applying for California credentials and had sent them a DVD of her teaching. She wanted to see me a couple times if she wasn't going to live here so she flew out.

She got an e-mail on Monday from one of those schools agreeing to interview her, after she got pooped on by a bird at the beach, and they set up the interview for Tuesday. I drove her over to the school and she interviewed for over an hour. She said she felt like the interview went really well. Two days later she got a call from the school offering her a first grade teaching position and she immediately accepted. She flew back home the next day and is currently working on finding an apartment out here and packing up her life back in Maryland. We're both really excited.

I'm proud that she had the guts to fly out here randomly and impulsively and take a chance that really paid off.

I'm sure Ashlea will fill in what I missed in the comments section.

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Ashlea said...

good job my love. the only thing is that schools weren't giving me the time of day b/c of stupid budget cuts!!!! they had to take CA teachers who lost their jobs, then subs, then ppl with CA credentials, then little ole mees.

not that it matters any more b/c i got hired! i'm still so excited.

Thanks for blogging pete. <3