Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nu-Lite sent me Pastor Jones 2: Lord, Please Guide my 16 year old Daughter. There were aspects of it that were funny.

Grandpa Slick is played by a younger guy but his wife is played by an actual old woman and Slick keeps making jokes about them dying and other jokes about them "getting freaky." That is really disturbing because the lady has got to be in her 80s.

The production value was lower than low. It look like it was shot on a regular consumer grade camera (maybe not even a 3-chip). Most outdoor shots were overexposed. In a few shots you could see a box light's reflection. In most of the indoor shots the lighting was very harsh like they just pointed that same box light right at the actors. I think that I could succeed where PJ 2 failed though. The story wasn't that bad (it wasn't great though and it jumped around considerably) and some of the acting, especially from Pastor Jones/ Grandpa Slick was good.

The characters I was supposed to be watching for weren't in the movie at all.

It seemed like the mom was the one messing up, the daughter was making mostly good decisions. She took one hit from a joint but other than that she abstained from her boyfriend's advances, turned down some beer, went to Bible study, gave a great (read: not great) sermon at the end, etc.

I hope all of Pastor Jones' sermons talk about da club. He asks the congregation something like "how many fellas stalk they woman in the club?"

I'm optimistic. I'm supposed to meet with Nu-Lite today or tomorrow.

I sent my resume to Sony Animation to be considered for a paid internship. My supervisor from Mr. Mudd e-mailed me about it.

I'm stoked to get the internet tomorrow.

5 days until Wainy Days season 3!!


Andrew said...

We watched don't touch if you ain't prayed last night. It was about a 40-year old virgin woman who still lived at home with her parents and grandfather and much younger sister. They said that the grandfather was 75. The math almost works out, I guess. The gay choir director from PJ1 played the gay best friend.

Ashlea said...

new blog please. thanks. also don't forget about when you played bball.

David said...

Wainy Days Season #3 is out!!!