Thursday, June 19, 2008

I saw Joel Moore at my gym again yesterday so I guess he just goes to the same gym as me. That's awesome. I bet he gets so many dodgeball challenges every time.

If you look at the comments for two posts ago I'm pretty sure David Wain, director of Wet Hot American Summer and The Ten, creator of "Wainy Days" commented on my blog. "Wainy Days" is great, it's on and you should watch every episode every day. I watched a show called "Horrible People" on that site too and it's funny also if you like the Wet Hot American Summer, "The State" guys. Also, the woman who plays the Flight of the Conchords number one and only fan is on that show. I'm not thinking that David Wain needs my endorsement or anything but I do like his stuff a lot. All that said I'm going to go fondle my sweaters.

I met with Nu-Lite today. We signed some paperwork so it's a done deal. We have a working title and we're going to start casting as soon as I get Act One done, which will either be tonight if I work on it or tomorrow if I don't get called in to temp.

I have one day less than a month to finish the script, get a crew, and rent the equipment. Not so bad since I don't have a real job yet.

Over 2000 views, thanks guys. I'm taking into consideration that probably 1000 of those are just Ashlea.


Ashlea said...

ohhhhhhhh peeeterrr!!!

Brian said...


i feel like your david wain compliments were planted knowing that he may look at your blog again.

good call!

ps we check this semi-regularly, so keep it up!