Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I will finally have the internet at my apartment on Thursday. In the past two days I have seen two different people here at the North Hollywood library wearing the same shirt that says "I'm really excited to be here."

I talked to Nu-Lite and if the movies don't come today I'm going to pick them up at the office tomorrow. Finally Pastor Jones.

Writing wise I finally started to get my act together again. I'm working on my screenplay titled The Happenstances at the Yellow County Community Swim and Racquet Club the Summer Before Last. It's is kind of a prequel to Suicide Watch except about 7 years pass in between.

Ashlea was questioning why I would use the sauna at my gym. Here's an article explaining why:
If you enjoy using gyms and fitness suites, you may have wondered about the health contribution of the often-present sauna. Benefits of sauna use include improved respiratory function, healthier skin and a stronger heart, yet still very few people take advantage of them. Perhaps it's hard to believe that sitting around relaxing can do you so much good, but sauna benefits are real and can make a big difference to your overall health.

It's easy enough to understand how a sauna benefits the lungs. Breathing in hot, steamy air is a common treatment for a cold. A sauna benefits the lungs by cleaning out mucus and improving blood flow in the surrounding capillaries, stimulating the delicate passageways in the lungs which don't always get used. This can help to fight lung infections such as bronchitis. A sauna benefits other areas of the respiratory system such as the sinuses, which is why sauna benefits can include getting rid of headaches.

Regular use of a sauna benefits the skin by improving blood flow across it, bringing it a better supply of nutrients. This occurs because the body responds to heat by relaxing blood vessels in the skin, trying to cool down by letting heat escape through them. The skin also enjoys sauna benefits through sweating, which cleanses the pores.

Other notable sauna benefits include exercise for the heart. Using a sauna benefits the heart by increasing the speed at which it pumps blood around the body, another natural response to heat. This is equivalent to working out on exercise machines, which is why sauna benefits are appropriate to the gym environment.


I didn't know any of that stuff until I just read it a minute ago, I just said that I liked to get a good sweat going.

Drew Payton, Jeff, Justin, Jason (after NYU with all his new contacts of course), etc should move out here and we'll all work at VER or whatever and rent the equipment for free and after we shoot Pastor Jones 7 or whatever (if that doesn't skyrocket us to fame) work on our own features on the weekends and get into festivals. I'm pretty sure Steve Holt would be down.


Ashlea said...

OHHHH, yeah too bad you didnt know that at the time to argue its importance.

p.s. good blog

Andrew said...

Saunas are good for cutting weight too.

I can't wait until you see Pastor Jones, it's going to blow your mind. I want to make a chuck Norris/ bill brasky style website about Pastor Jones. The opening monologue about how people won't find salvation at da club is worth the price of admission.

Pete said...

They actually only sent me Pastor Jones 2 so I was TOTALLY lost plot-wise.

Also, the characters I was supposed to be watching weren't in the movie at all.