Monday, June 2, 2008

It is still too early to say much but I had a meeting with Nu-Lite Entertainment today and they offered me the chance to direct a very, very (very) low budget FEATURE LENGTH MOVIE. They already have a basic story and it's a spin off of one of their previous series of films.

The producer went to the LAFSC screening because she is friends with one of the actors in Death and Money. She saw Jasper, then approached me after the screening, and we traded information. She called me while I was back home helping my parents move and we set up a meeting for when I got back. So it has been a very fast process.

They're sending me the previous films to watch so I can get acclimated to the world and to the characters. The producer told me to give her a call once I've watched them and we'd start doing some paperwork, writing an outline, etc.

I have to rent equipment, assemble part of the crew, and start thinking of the story generally.

I am beyond excited.

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Andrew Payton said...

amazing. congratulations.