Monday, December 24, 2007

VHS Tapes

Right now I am undertaking the huge project of transferring my movies that I have made over the years from mini DV, Avid file, Windows Media Player file, and VHS all to my MacBook and iPod. A lot of them are terrible but a couple of them are awesome. It has been a great timeline that has shown how I've changed since my early movie making days. It's also great that I'll be able to have my movies on my iPod. I'll be able to transport them anywhere and show them to anyone. However, I need to borrow a VCR to complete the task.

Does anyone have a good VCR with an output RCA port that I can borrow? Message me, leave a comment, or email me at PeterLHarmon at

Has anyone seen Juno? I had really mixed feelings about it. Actually I really liked everything but the main character, Juno. Michael Cera was great, both hilarious and heartbreaking. Jennifer Garner walked a fine line between seeming to crazy to still being able to be related to. Jason Bateman was good as well. However, Ellen Page's title character (it wasn't all her fault) made me hate her nearly every time she opened her mouth. The slang and tone of her character wasn't natural. I think it was mostly the script's fault. I mean sure, people do really talk like that in real life, but I dislike those people in real life too. Also her character liked punk music...who cares? Is she Kirsten Dunst's love interest in Bring It On? He liked punk music too. They're both such rebels.
But apparently people loved the way she talked because the theater was responding very well to it and Diablo Cody got a Golden Globe nomination. I would like to hear someone who really loved Juno's character to tell me why they liked it. I didn't, but the movie is still good and watchable in spite of it. Michael Cera, again, was breathtaking and so is the closing shot of the movie.
The direction was really good too.

Here's a pic of Michael Cera I got from this blog who's got a much better blog than I.
This isn't going to turn into a Michael Cera fan blog, I swear.
But he is wearing some shoes I have.

There are too many movies out right now that I want to see.

Merry Christmas.

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